Five Steps to a Healthy Lawn

Are you tired of looking at weeds, brown spots, and barren spots in the lawn where weeds are the only thing that thrives profusely? If so, you might need a lawn intervention! Here are a few steps to get you started on your healthy lawn that will get you fewer weeds, and more green turf under your feet.

Soil Health is the Foundation to Lush Lawn

Lawn care servicesFirst, let’s look at soil health. If your lawn isn’t on a regular diet of fertilizer applications throughout the year, then the turf is malnourished for lack of minerals and nutrients that can leach away with each rainstorm. Creating fertile, healthy soil will give a chance for the turf seeds to take root and get the nourishment it needs. Our Turf Care Program consists of 6 comprehensive applications that take care of crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, insect control, including grubs. Being diligent each month of the growing season will get the weeds under control, and the health of the soil increased to be a beneficial source for the turf. Soil health is the key to any lush, green lawn.

Adding one or two applications a year will not solve your dilemma if you continually see weeds. Several activities work together as a whole to get your turf in tip-top shape. In the end, it will be worth it, and your grass will crowd out weed seeds that land in your yard.

2. How High Is It?

Lawn care and maintenanceAnother reason weed seeds might be seeing the light of day is your blade height setting. You want your lawn to look like the golf course, right?You don’t have the same type of grass, so forget that notion. Your grass is lawn turf, not golf course turf. There is a difference.

Depending on the time of year and the grass seed you have, you’re most likely looking at a 3-4″ grass blade height to keep it healthy. Why that tall? First, the grass blade is the plants way of getting photosynthesis. The grass is not able to produce the food it needs to survive if half of the leaf is cut. That’s why in the heat of summer, you see a lot of browning and die off in yards! Raise the blade level to a high setting and avoid cutting off more than 1/3 of the blade each time you mow. In the meantime, it’s height casts a shadow on the weed seeds buried in the turf’s surface.

3. Last Resort for a Healthy Lawn -Apply Herbicides

Weeds have taken over? Crabgrass out of control? Then you may want to apply direct weed herbicide to the unwanted plants. All weed seeds come in from the blown wind and some come in from being transported by birds or animals.  Ever wonder why a blackberry bush is sprouting in your garden? Blame the birds! Wind carries weed seeds for long distances, but many come from a property right across the street. Herbicide applications are the best way to control them efficiently and economically.

4. Use a Lawn Aeration Service

Lawn aeration service Next on the list for good soil and plant health is lawn aeration. Aeration is a significant step for a healthy lawn, so don’t ignore it. Over time, the ground becomes compacted with the heavy rains, foot or vehicular traffic, and aeration services loosen it. This is what lawn aeration service does; it loosens the soil and gives oxygen to the plant, while also serving as a crevice for seed and fertilizers to land and start rooting.

5. Reseeding the Lawn

Next step to repair bare spots in the turf is to lay grass seed and apply the appropriate fertilizer to start the monthly routine for the summer and fall months.

Once the grass seed is on the ground, don’t go on vacation unless you have an irrigation system in place that can keep the seed moist. Watering is imperative to get your seed to sprout. Keep it moist, preferably 3 short watering everyday to keep the seed damp but not sitting in water. Within 5-15 days it will be in the germination stage.

Lawn Maintenance and EnhancementsFollow these four assignments for at least two years, and you’ll find a lush green healthy lawn outside your doorstep. If you’re not keen on all the chores to get it to this stage, you’re in luck because this is what we like to do! Give us a call, and we’ll set up a consultation to take a look at your lawn and recommend a program that will custom fit your property’s needs.

Horizon Landscape Company would love to partner with you to get your property looking its best. When you are ready to get started to reinvent your lawn, gardens, or hardscapes, Horizon is available to help.