Best Ideas for Christmas Lighting

Best ideas for Christmas Lighting More than ever people are lighting up the night during the holiday season with holiday and Christmas lighting for the house and garden. The local arboretums and public gardens give us lots of Christmas lighting outdoor ideas to be dazzled by too. Let’s go over a few of these big ideas to scale them for your Christmas lighting neighborhood extravaganza.

Starting Small

Front Porch Holiday Lighting

If you’re starting small but want to make a subtle impression to your house guests over the holiday time, add a simple touch of holiday lighting at the door. The new string Christmas LED lights battery-operated can be artfully arranged inside a lantern on a stand at the front door. Add some simple pinecones or potpourri in shades of your choice while intertwining the clear string of lights. Many come with a remote, so they’re easy to operate from inside. This holiday display makes a subtle glow to the front entry and is a tasteful, upscale way to delight your family and guests.


To lead the way to the front door for guests at your next holiday party, why not add more lanterns or even upcycled wine bottles down the sidewalk with the same kind of idea. Arrange outdoor luminaries for steps and walkways. String Christmas lights in colorful combinations in each one to light the path to the front door and create a colorful build-up to the festivities inside!

Christmas DecorationFront Door

Make a front door wreath out of the ordinary without strings hanging to trip over. Using the new LED lighting technology with a battery pack is the best for keeping things simple and secure. These new LED string lighting twinkles, blinks, and slow fade so you can set the mood you want to create for all your holiday lighting festivities.


If you happen to have an arbor to the front door, this would be a perfect time to light it up for a grand entrance. Adding garland and lights to it is an ideal option. For a special romantic effect, hang a ball of mistletoe at the top.

Christmas LightingWrap the Hedges with Holiday Lighting

If you have shaped hedges around the foundation, net lights are an excellent investment to make a huge impression. The twinkling lights on your hedges create a magical effect to the point where you may want to keep them up awhile longer.

Wrapping around trunks of trees and branches on an ornamental tree can have a magical effect. If you have an entrance with an exceptional specimen, why not accentuate the branching the leaves have left behind. The form of the branches can become a focal point looking out the windows while your party is in full swing. Coming and going will be delightful.

Garden Sculptures to Highlight

Garden sculptures are often inconspicuous at night if an outdoor garden light isn’t lighting it. Try a temporary holiday light shining on a unique piece and see that you can enjoy your garden that much more in the offseason, especially during the holidays. Lit against new-fallen snow makes it especially enjoyable. Try different colors during the season to see what you like best. Red and green colors are traditional for Christmas but you can match up other colors depending on the holiday.  In between those special days, the color blue will give the aura of moon light, or depending on your outdoor decor, match it up with the exterior colors to color-coordinate.

If you choose to bring out wooden silhouettes in your yard as a Christmas lighting display, try backlighting to cast an ambient glow on the structure. Our lighting experts can make suggestions on what colors to choose to highlight and give a constant light to the structure adequately.

Mixing Light

The regular lights around the home such as motion lights or security spotlights and overhead lighting can distract and overpower the twinkling lights of the holidays. During this season, consider changing out the regular lighting bulbs for a lower wattage. The softer glow of the exterior spaces will harmonize with the extra lighting for outdoors.

Going Big

If you love the holidays and can’t wait until Halloween is over to get started, why not add some sophisticated lawn art in the landscaping. We have a plethora of ideas, themes, and choices with different sizes and packages. Request to talk to a lighting specialist. Once we know your budget, we can work up a Christmas lighting quote and install the services.

Hanging lit objects from the tree branches create a gorgeous glow that lights up the night overhead. These larger items break the monotony of the smaller twinkling lights giving variety to the outdoor holiday lighting scene.

Things to Consider When Installing Christmas Lighting Displays

How many Christmas lights should I have per outlet?

Our lighting technicians will take a look at your electrical box along with the placement of your outlets and determine the maximum wattage each circuit can handle. We won’t load your circuits to more than 80% capacity.

How many Christmas lights do I need for my house?

That will depend on your circuits and your budget. When we come out to give you a quote, we will explain what you have and how much wattage you can handle. Of course, more circuits and outlets can also be installed by an electrician if you want to create more than what you have available.

When do I start ordering Christmas lighting for the house?

Now! The earlier, the better so we can get the lighting ordered and have it in time for a Christmas lighting installation.

Will my electric bill be extravagant?

Using LED lights is an economical and the safest way to create an ambiance and festive appeal. While adding holiday lighting will certainly use more electricity, LED’s are vastly more economical than the older incandescent lighting.

Do I have to remember to turn the lights on and off?

No, our lights can be set up on timers. We can set up an hour to turn on and off. No need to set your clock, it’s low maintenance and can be done for you at the time of set up.

If you are considering adding some outdoor Christmas lighting displays and needing an installation, we’d like to make your holiday decorating easier. Our lighting designers can consult with you on the various possibilities and options that exist to create beautiful outdoor lighting for your home or office. We serve Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes, Mahwah, Ramsey, Allendale, Glen Rock, Oakland, Midland Park and other towns in Bergen County and are expert holiday lighting installers that can brighten up your holiday evenings. Contact us today for an appointment.