How to Protect Your Bedding Plants Over the Winter

We spend a lot of time caring for our flowers in the spring and summer, so you certainly don’t want them to go to waste just because the weather gets cold. While it does take extra work to care for your flower beds over the winter months, you’ll thank yourself later. You won’t have to keep making investments in new foliage in the spring or have to deal with planting and re-planting. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way.

Here’s how to protect your plants from this year’s winter season.

Wrap Up Garden Plants

Some plants are especially prone to freezing, such as tree ferns. Many plants can be wrapped in fleece, old blankets or towels and tied with a string. This coverage protects the plants from freezing temperatures, frost and freezing winds.

Protect Plants with Mulch

Mulch is a great one-fits-all solution. Mulch protects the roots of plants, trees and shrubs by holding in the heat and keeping out the frost.

Invest in a Greenhouse

The plants that need to be brought indoors for the winter will be best served in a greenhouse. You can build a greenhouse using visqueen and PBC piping. You can also invest in a greenhouse as an early holiday gift. If the temperatures are still too cold in the greenhouse, consider adding a light for warmth.

Don’t Let Snow Sit on the Leaves

When it snows, make sure to brush the snow off the leaves of the plant, even though you may think freshly fallen snow looks stunning. This simple step can make all the difference, because otherwise, the snow can freeze on the leaves and make it difficult for your plant to survive.

Give Extra Attention to Potted Plants

You may love the convenience of potted plants, but they are especially susceptible to freezing because the soil freezes. Group your potted plants together and place a blanket around the pots to protect them during the winter.

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