How to Light Up Your New Jersey Landscape

img_1204056427_665-225x300[1]Lighting up your New Jersey landscape involves more than just sticking a few lights into the ground. By choosing the right type and arrangement of landscape lighting, you can create the perfect outdoor space that offers beauty, security, safety and relaxation.

Go for the Layers

You want your yard to look equally brilliant whether it’s day or night. Choose a combination of lighting to achieve this look, such as task lights for security and safety and accent lights for beauty and enhancement. If you’re not sure where to start, think about the focal points of your yard (water features, garden, stone patio) and what your priorities are (entertaining, playing outside with the kids,

Lead the Way with Landscape Lighting

Lead guests to your front door by installing path lights along the walkway. This approach looks warm and inviting while also keeping visitors on a particular path. Not only is this safer, but also it keeps people off your lawn and landscaping. Choose soft lights that reflect light downward so that the walkway is well lit but won’t be shining directly in your face.

Spotlight Your Home

If you want an effective yet simple way to light up your home at night, pick a focal point and use spotlights to enhance it. This type of lighting accentuates the yard and creates a pleasing glow. Large trees are perhaps the best structures to spotlight since they offer beautiful foliage and textured tree trunks.

Go Solar

Solar lights are the easiest and most environmentally friendly of all outdoor lights They are super easy to install – just pick a spot in the yard that receives plenty of sun. Solar lights require no wiring, which is great if you have kids or pets that will be playing in the yard. Also, solar lights come on automatically so that you have light when you need it.

Bring the Indoors Out

Indoor lights aren’t just limited to the indoors; you can also bring these lights outside for a warm and inviting exterior. A wrought iron chandelier, for instance, looks stunning hanging over an outside dining table. Candles placed on end tables create a relaxing setting. Hanging lanterns offer the perfect balance: they’re sturdy and durable but elegant enough to place inside a home.