Preventing the Risk of Snow Mold

Most people assume that mold is associated with moist conditions only, but there is such a thing as snow mold, which is basically fungus that grows underneath the snow. It appears in the early spring as the snow starts to melt away and can affect the foliage that is around the area. There are two … Read more

Balancing Your Garden with Annuals and Perennials

Flowers enhance the natural beauty of a yard by integrating color and character. Yet it’s important to understand the difference between the types of flowers and how these differences will affect the look of your yard. Types of Flowers Let’s define the various types of flowers that are available. Annual: An annual flower grows from … Read more

Various Types of Mulch

Mulch offers many benefits in landscaping, but which type should you choose? With so many varieties, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, so the best place to start is with the application. Some mulch varieties are better for certain uses, as some break down easier, are better for the planet or are more cost-effective. Let’s take … Read more

Types of Edible Flowers and Their Uses

Flowers aren’t just beautiful, they can also be quite tasty. Whether it’s a sugar-coated rose petal on top of a cupcake or dandelion tea, flowers offer wonderful flavor combinations. The following are just a few edible flowers and their uses. However, before we dig any deeper, it’s important to note that not all flowers are … Read more

Four Season Plants for New Jersey

Much of New Jersey falls in Zone 6, which means that plants need to be able to survive temperatures down to -5 degrees. While many plants may be able to withstand those temperatures, some may not look so good in the winter. Thankfully, there are a number of hardy plants that look good throughout each … Read more

What to Look for When Choosing a Quality Landscape Company

Not all landscaping companies are the same. Since you want only the best for your home and family, it’s important to evaluate the landscape companies in your area and make an informed decision. There are many factors to be aware of, such as the type of chemicals the landscaper uses, the continued education provided for … Read more