Outdoor Patio Ideas to Bring the Indoors Out

Signs of spring are emerging in Bergen County after a long winter’s nap. You’ve just ventured out on your back patio to grill a hamburger after a long week of work. What?! The grill has rusted out from the outdoor elements, and there’s nowhere to sit. If you have this dilemma, it might be time for some backyard patio ideas. Stay tuned, do we have some ideas for you!


Outdoor Man-Cave Redefined: Patio of His Dreams

deluxe outdoor kitchen with fireplace Instead of cutting unused lawn, why not build an extended outdoor living room? Bring the indoors out by building added patio space. Why be stuck inside all summer with the kids? There is plenty of room outside to romp, play and cuddle up in the evenings. Imagine a man-cave redefined. Build a new, deluxe outdoor kitchen complete with bar, grill, and pizza oven.  The family can eat ‘out’ more and create some memorable family time to enjoy together. Include a seating area with a relaxing fireplace for cooler evenings. And remember the essential man-cave ‘must have.’ Yes, a TV above the fireplace for team night football viewing.


Increase the Home Value with a Patio Terrace

If your backyard is on a slope, you might need a patio terrace. Building terraces on slopes can utilize that unused, hard to reach area that has been wasted space. Increasing your home’s value with more usable space just got easier.   We tackle tough spaces and turn them into an asset with our Techo-Bloc retaining wall concrete blocks, interlocking pavers, slabs, and steps. These materials have a transferable lifetime warranty and withstand the harshest of elements unlike wooden decks. Techo-Bloc offers a wide variety of patterns and colors in which to choose. We can utilize every square foot of outdoor area that otherwise might not be accessed. With this clever addition, your home’s value will increase, paying for itself if you ever decide to sell.


Build It, and They Will Come

Firepit with Seating Bench So, you’d prefer your teenage daughter at your house so you can keep an eye on her with all her friends, huh? But how do you lure them over and keep them there? Build a firepit. But beware, the boys will come. Teenagers love firepits, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories, right!? Create the perfect scenario with a firepit. We can create seating walls spaced around the outdoor patio area to accommodate the teen parties you will soon be hosting. Add a little ‘ambiance lighting’ and of course some landscape lighting.Outdoor Fire Pit Patio Outdoor lighting will enhance the mood while still keeping the party at your house! Our LED lighting under seating walls gives just enough light to guide your guests and keep the area safe for mobility.



Techo-Bloc Products for a Beautiful Patio and Outdoor Living Area

We look at the big picture by creating idyllic scenarios for your outdoor living area as well as the best products to give you 100% satisfaction and value to your investment for years to come.

Outdoor Living Space BluestoneThe Techo-Bloc permeable pavers are perfect for the floor surface whether it be the outdoor patio, a walkway or your driveway. Permeable pavers help the storm water dissipate to the underground surface. Permeable pavers help avoid extensive and fast runoff that can erode your lawn or create drainage problems for you and your neighbors. Releasing the storm water into the ground and utilizing it for your lawn and garden sustains and creates a more natural hydrologic balance.

Our offerings on colors and varieties give you many options to fit your home’s style and budget.

If you want some family-time, man-cave time or a teenage hang-out for your daughter and her friends, give us a call. Discuss with our landscape designer how to better utilize your unused backyard area.