Seasonal Color


  • Spring flowering bulbs are planted in November and December, bright colors and exploding foliage make for exciting accents in your yard all season long.
  • Mums, Cabbages, and Pansies are planted in September and October.
  • Annuals can be planted in May and June, creating beautiful scenery throughout your yard.
  • Perennials are planted April through December.


Mulch is installed to conserve moisture, lower soil temperatures around plant root, prevent erosion and reduce weed growth. Cedar, hemlock, hardwood, and dyed mulches are popular organic products. Pea gravel, River Jack and other decorative stones are effective for changes in texture and color.

Seasonal plantings and garden design

At Horizon Landscape our award-winning horticulture professionals are educated in plants, soil, and garden design. This knowledge is the backbone on which we construct creative, sustainable, colorful, and functional gardens that provide four seasons of interest for your property.

The process to ensure a gorgeous seasonal planting design consists of:

  • An assessment of your property conditions.
  • Discussing your needs and desires and color preferences.
  • Check Irrigation system to ensure that sufficient water supply will be available after installations.
  • A 3-dimensional rendering of your property.
  • Carefully chosen plants from the nursery.
  • Installation and beautification.

The first year, they sleep. The second year, they creep. The third year, they leap!

~ Perennial Folk Wisdom

In conjunction with the 3D rendering, we provide you with a plant list and plant pictures.

Horizon’s production manager works together with our horticulture professional and local northern New Jersey suppliers to ensure the best selection of plant material will be delivered to your home to ensure a healthy and beautiful landscape that will be enjoyable for years to come.

Adding mulch and seasonal color to your property, enhances your property with beauty and bloom in every season. Contact Horizon Landscape to explore the possibilities.

Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.
(Luke 12:27)

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