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Even a well-maintained sprinkler system needs service and repair from time to time. For lawn sprinkler system maintenance or repair Horizon provides superior service.  Regular maintenance is important to protect your investment in both the system itself and your landscaping. We can examine your sprinkler system and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure it’s in top condition and operating efficiently. We service all major brands.

We offer a number of lawn sprinkler service plans including Spring Start Ups and Winterizing. We offer Basic and Standard plans to ensure that your system is checked and maintained to run efficiently. Premium plans are also available to our full service maintenance clients.

Sprinkler service may still be performed on a per-service basis if a contract option is not right for you. The goal for any sprinkler system is to ensure it meets the needs of your landscape at varying times during the watering season and it is designed to minimize water usage.

Dedicated to Providing Top Quality Workmanship in Landscape Sprinkler Systems.

System Openings – Spring Start-Ups

Properly starting up your sprinkler system in the spring is essential to prevent problems that may develop and to make certain that it is functioning correctly. The system should be evaluated and necessary adjustments should be made to accurately and efficiently use and conserve water. We recommend starting up your sprinkler system between mid-April and mid-June.

Our spring start up service includes:

  • Charge the main lines and backflow 
  • Check the system for leaks and irrigation coverage
  • Inspect and check performance of all valves and sprinkler heads and make adjustments as needed
  • Make necessary repairs to properly open the system. Verify integrity of controller
  • Program for spring run times based on turf and landscape requirements. Inspect and test rain sensor for proper operation

Mid-Summer Checkup

Summer checkups are recommended to evaluate the need for repairs and ensure the system is functioning correctly.

  • Inspect system for leaks and any loss of pressure
  • Check sprinklers and nozzles for proper irrigation coverage
  • Re-program timer for summer run times
  • Check rain sensor for proper operation
  • Evaluate coverage to lawn, beds, and shrubs and make recommendations for improvements
  • Ensure that performance is optimal for summer

The mid-summer checkup brings us back to check on your sprinkler system when it’s working the hardest, and when your lawn needs it the most.


Your sprinkler system needs to be winterized before the cold weather comes to prevent the water inside the system from freezing and cracking the pipes, valves and sprinkler heads. Because the repairs from freeze damage can be very costly, we recommend that you have your system winterized by a NJ State licensed irrigation professional.

As temperatures start to drop, winterizing your sprinkler system – removing water from the pipes, back flow device, valves and sprinkler heads is essential before freezing occurs.  It’s the best way to protect your irrigation investment from potentially serious damage in winter.

  • Main water valve will be shut off and tagged
  • Winterize the sprinkler back-flow device
  • Purge the sprinkler system’s main line, all zones, all lateral lines and sprinkler heads of water using a high volume air compressor
  • Make necessary repairs if needed and weather permitting to properly winterize the system
  • Controller will be set to “Stand-by” operation

It’s the best way to protect your irrigation investment from potentially serious damage this winter. Our technicians are certified by the major irrigation manufacturers and participate in continuing education at Rutgers University, manufacturer’s seminars, and in-house training. Horizon Landscape is state licensed and a certified contractor, and has nationally certified designers and installers on staff.

All winterization is guaranteed against freeze damage providing the shut off valve is functioning properly and Horizon performs the Spring Irrigation Startup the following season.

To learn more about winterizing your sprinkler system, please click here.

Revamps – Re-Builds

Healthy plants and lawns depend upon an optimized sprinkler system.  We can reconfigure, expand, upgrade, and make design corrections to accommodate any new landscaping additions and changes, and any home improvements.

Whether you need the addition of a new zone or need the entire sprinkler system rebuilt, we recommend having a NJ licensed irrigation professional make any necessary modifications to ensure proper functioning and coverage.  We are dedicated to making certain that your system provides ideal coverage to keep your property looking great.

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(Isaiah 44:3)

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