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Horizon Landscape’s team of highly trained technicians are passionate about caring for your property’s lawn and landscape. With over 45 years of experience handling the unique conditions of your lawn, trees, and shrubs, Horizon offers unparalleled quality in landscaping services.


  • Dependable, experienced service
  • Programs customized for your property
  • Environmentally aware choices to protect and preserve your landscape
  • State and National Associations of Landscape Professionals affiliation. Certified Landscape Technicians, Landscape Professionals, Fertilizer Applicators and Pesticide Applicators

Enjoy a lifetime of picture-perfect outdoor living with Horizon Landscape

  • Outdoor Pest Management
  • Organic Lawn Care Program
  • Lawncare & Fertilization
  • Shrubs & Trees

Achieve Beauty with Your Lawn and Ornamentals.

Horizon’s Lawn Care and Ornamental Services


Your Bergen County lawn deserves regular care and maintenance to keep looking its best. Horizon’s Turf Care program includes six visits to promote a lush, inviting lawn. From early spring through late fall, our landscape technicians:

  • Fertilize your turf at optimum times throughout the season.
  • Control crabgrass, weeds, and insects as needed.
  • Analyze soil and lawn appearance to maintain consistent, lush foundation.
  • Ensure essential nutrients for drought recovery or winter survival.

Manage insect pests on your property through Horizon’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy. Combining attentive monitoring and environmentally sustainable products, Horizon’s quality exterior pest control includes staggered applications to affect insect breeding stages and seasonal arrival of certain insects and wildlife.

Horizon offers four Pest Control programs:

  • Treat for exterior pests such as ants, cockroaches, ticks, and spiders.
  • Control for mosquitoes, gnats and ticks.
  • Repel deer and small animals.
  • Protect and prevent from geese property destruction.

Horizon Landscape’s enhancement crews are dedicated to selecting the proper trees and shrubs and ensuring their health. Many of our landscape maintenance foremen have been with us 20 years or more.

Plant, cut, shape, and prune at the right time, without causing damage to your shrubs and trees:

  • Prune to promote flower and fruit, train young trees, and safely remove dead wood or weak branches
  • Comprehensive three-visit shrub care protects plants from pests and harsh winter weather with deep-root feeding and protectant spraying
  • Specialty ornamental care provides protection from defoliating insects by preventing infestation and controlling leaf-eating and sucking insects
  • Specific tree protections to care for Birch, Crabapples or Hemlock.

Keeping the grass green isn’t the end of Horizon’s lawn care services. Depending on your soil, the seasons, or other conditions, our technicians offer supplemental attention to ensure your landscape thrives.

Improve the health of your lawn with:

  • Weekly mowing
  • Edging, trimming, or weed eating
  • Care and pruning of shrub beds and ornamental plants
  • Aeration, slit seeding, or thatching
  • Spring cleanup and Fall leaf removal

Additional seasonal planting, storm debris cleanup, commercial snow and ice management programs are also available.

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