Drainage Systems

Water management involves a holistic review of your property to ensure water is properly relocated either underground or back into the atmosphere.  This is typically part of our landscape design and construction projects or planned by a drainage engineer and implemented by our team.

Advanced Drainage Systems & Solutions

Experience and common sense are crucial to solving drainage system problems. Although much science goes into calculating the stormwater runoff requirements of a particular site, the frequency, intensity and duration of rainfall can be difficult to predict precisely. Trust Horizon Landscape Company to install the correct drainage systems in your yard. We’ve been in business and serving Bergen County and the surrounding areas in New Jersey for over 45 years.

Don’t let your valuable landscape investment wash away!

Surface Drainage Solutions

Surface drainage solutions are employed when we are able to able to evacuate surface water using soil grading techniques or river rock swales to divert storm water to the appropriate evacuation points.

Grading of Lawn Areas

Re-grading your lawn or other areas of your property can be a simple and effective improvement to alleviate standing water and increase the functionality of your land. Does water sit and pool in certain areas of your front or back lawn after a rain storm? This is a common indication that the lawn areas are not graded properly to allow storm water to naturally find its course off of the property or recharge back into the ground.

Grading Around a Home’s Foundation

In many cases, the grading of the soil around a home’s foundation is a common problem. If you’ve ever had water in your basement or found that certain spots in the basement are constantly damp this could be the cause. If the grade of the soil around your home slopes toward your foundation, storm water will pool against the foundation and ultimately make its way into the basement. Raising the grade and creating positive pitch around a home’s foundation is a great way to ensure storm water flows away from your house and out of your basement permanently.

Dry Stream Beds and Rain Gardens

Dry stream beds with decorative river stone and ornamental plantings are often a great solution to prevent wash out and erosion. If areas of your property get “washed away” in heavy rain storms installing a dry stream bed will create a natural aesthetic. It’s also a beautiful and unique way to channel excess storm water throughout your property.

Subsurface Drainage Solutions

Subsurface drains are employed in a number of cases. The most common subsurface drainage are connecting roof downspouts and surface drain boxes and running underground pipes to a recharge system or daylighting at an appropriate evacuation point. French drains are also utilized to help evacuate ground water and surface storm water to the appropriate evacuation point. Subsurface drainage solutions are typically employed in more complex scenarios and solve issues with surface storm water as well as ground water.

Downspouts and Underground Drain Pipes

Do your gutters empty out right at your home’s foundation? Have you noticed mulch or soil constantly washing out into your lawn? This is an indication that your gutters are not properly evacuating the storm water runoff generated from your roof. By connecting your downspouts to an underground drainage system, you will ensure that storm water will be properly evacuated away from your residence to an appropriate location for it to recharge back into the ground.

Landscape Drain Boxes

Landscape Drain Boxes can alleviate the pooling of water. Puddling or standing water in your planting beds or landscape areas is caused by nuisance storm water which has a tendency to find a low point. This pooling can be detrimental to the health of your ornamental plants and often creates a haven for mosquitos to breed.

Recharge Boxes

Recharge boxes are typically used to collect and recharge storm water on the property in order to alleviate standing water and increase the functionality and usability of your property.

Is your property relatively flat and seems like it is always soggy for days after a rainstorm? In some cases, proper drainage cannot be achieved by grading and directing storm water from the surface. In these cases, recharge boxes are recommended.

Drainage Solutions

Adequate drainage is a major influence on proper water management therefore we require a landscape engineer to be consulted before any drainage issues are addressed. Majority of our drainage work is performed as part of our complete landscape project.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. (Isaiah 42:3)

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