Commercial Snow and Ice Services in Bergen County

Commercial snow and Ice services Weather affects the bottom line.  With plates spinning in the air from day to day in any given commercial business, a snow or ice storm will wreak havoc on your company.  Yet, we stay vigilant, so your daily operations are at full capacity for your employees and your customers. Making pre-planned commitments now will keep you at the top of our list in the next winter storm.

Prevention is an Investment with Commercial Snow and Ice Services

Commercial Snow and Ice ManagementEconomic hits to the bottom line can come from seldom thought about incidents such as lost time injuries, or negligence claims from a customer injury.  These mishaps can lead to other expenses such as legal fees or insurance premium increases.  Putting into place an effective snow and ice management services system early will minimize what could be major bad news later.  According to the Snow and Ice Management Association, an average claim for injuries related to snow and ice costs $33,000 while an employee injury claim on workers compensation raises that dollar figure to $48,000 (not to mention all the downtime of this asset).  Taking care of business is your job, minimizing downtime and liability for your business is our job.

Keep Your Business Clean, Groomed and Safe

Commercial snow and ice servicesEmployees not making it in to work on snow days?  Customers not coming out or they are driving on to your competitors?  With our commercial snow and ice services clearing the way for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the flow of business keeps moving.  A clean and safe visual path from the road to the door of your business helps employees arrive safely and invites customers into your establishment.  Keeping your business clean and groomed will invite traffic and prevent drive-by’s.

Don’t let this happen… once an individual took a tumble in a commercial parking lot on untreated ice.  No one anticipates black ice, and this person didn’t either….. without a snowflake in sight.  The property owner didn’t treat for icy conditions, and the customer wasn’t watching for ice.  Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it won’t be there.  Remember, ice can do as much damage and deter access just as much as snow does.

Once the parking lots, and walkways are clear, there are not as many snow bunnies that can track through your front door to the inside carpeting or tile.  This will gain rave reviews from the housekeeping staff as it minimizes wet dirty carpeting and slippery tiles!

Commercial Snow and Ice Control for Parking Lots

Brine application Keep your commercial property access clean and clear of ice and snow with Horizon’s commercial snow and ice services.  Accessibility and visibility keep your parking spots, signs, and pathways to the door clear and noticeable.  If there is not adequate space onsite to stack or relocate the snow accumulation, we can alleviate the issue by hauling it away.  To prevent bonding of snow and ice on surfaces, Horizon pre-treats with liquid brine, calcium pellets or treated salt.

Liquid brine for ice control permits pretreating even days in advance for it to lie in wait for a storm.  It does not stick to shoes and track into your building and enables us to be better stewards of the environment.

We work on corporate complexes, industrial properties, retail centers, medical and financial offices, places of worship, banks, warehouse lots, and strip malls within a fifteen-mile radius of Wyckoff.  We service within a 20-minute drive of our corporate headquarters to be on the scene fast.  Don’t wait until the last minute and be without service.  Call ahead and prepare before winter storms hit.

Commercial Snow and Ice Management Pros

Commercial Snow TeamIf you agree that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’ then you’ll be happy to know we have the cure!  Our 24-hour staffing during a snow or ice storm will keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.  All our commercial snow clients have access to our “Winter Weather Snow cell phone” for access to our Snow Manager 24 hours a day.

We utilize three different weather monitoring services to keep us aware of storm updates and we provide Certified Snow Totals at the completion of winter storms.  Our mobile technology manages routes and records snow services in the event of a claim for your business.  We are here for you serving commercial properties in Bergen, Passaic and Morris County, New Jersey.  Reach out to Horizon Landscape today and preserve your bottom line this winter season!