Hiring a Landscape Designer in Bergen County, New Jersey

A landscape designer in Bergen County can help you create a beautiful backyard while making the best use out of the outdoor space that you have at your Northern New Jersey home. It can be hard for the untrained eye to know where to start or how to execute the perfect backyard space. Landscape designers have a knack for beautifying landscapes and adding the perfect balance of color, pattern, texture and function. These Bergen County professionals are also familiar with the best plantings for all temperatures, ensuring that your home’s exterior continues to look brilliant through all four seasons.

Here are a few things to take into consideration as you hire a landscape designer for your property and also a checklist to help you make a decision.

 Background Experience

Think about the size of the project and what types of skills and experience are needed to fulfill your vision. Some landscape designers may have degrees in horticulture, certification from landscape associations or state licensing. While a basic layout may not require as many technical skills, adding water features and other architectural enhancements will benefit from a professional with education and experience.

New Jersey Business Liability Insurance

It’s important to protect your investment, so ask the professional about insurance. New Jersey Homeowners can find themselves liable if an uninsured contractor causes damage or gets injured on the property. Ask to see proof of New Jersey business liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. If the landscape designer works for a particular company, make sure that the company is licensed, bonded and insured.

Portfolio and References

All good designers want to show off their work, as it’s a testament to their purpose. Ask the professional to see a portfolio of their recent projects as well as a list of references. You can also find a lot of this information online, as many designers post digital portfolios and testimonials on their website.

Communication Skills

Some people come in, do a job and leave, but a landscape designer is someone you will be communicating with regularly. You must be able to share your vision and offer perspective since this will be your backyard. When meeting with a landscape architect, ask yourself: Are they a good listener? Do they offer helpful solutions and alternatives? Do you feel comfortable with them?

Get an Estimate

Estimates should be provided in a written format. They should also be broken down so that you know what you are paying for each phase. This format also allows you to make changes if the estimate comes out too high. You can trim down the services using the estimate, or choose to break the project down into various stages to make it more affordable.

Discuss available design packages that include:

  • 3D Renderings
  • Cost Estimate
  • Images of plants proposed
  • Pictures of specific products like pavers and wall stone
  • Pictures of past projects