Increase Your Bergen County Home Security With Landscape Lighting

whole house LED lighting - Wyckoff, NJ A well-designed landscape lighting home security system helps make your home and family significantly safer. With a recent increase in burglaries in Bergen County poorly-lit homes can be an easy target, where they are less likely to be detected. Having a functional exterior home lighting system installed, including floodlights and motion sensors, is the best way to protect your home and property.

Tips to Increase Home Security with Landscape Lighting

Light all Doorways: Keep all doorways that open to the outside well lit. It helps to keep uninvited guests from gaining entry to your home, at the same time helps your family enter your home safely.

Motion sensor ground-lighting is activated by movement within the field of vision. They are ideal for walkways leading to your home and around front, also your back and side doors. Motion-detecting lights illuminate areas without them lit all the time.

Front Pathway LED LightingPorch/bulkhead lights offer a low-wattage, efficient means of providing secure lighting. They turn on manually or automatically. A porch light works best when coordinated with deck, garage, and indoor lights. The pairing creates the appearance that people are home and moving about.

Floodlights cast a wide beam of bright light over a large space. Eave-placed, or on poles, they are good for lighting driveways, patios and yards. Tungsten/halogen floodlights, for example, are powerful, lighting large areas, and covering an extensive distance. Furthermore, floodlights provide a brighter wash of light in the event that your home becomes a target for intruders.

Design and Installation

Stephanie Aurora Lewis for Housetrends writes,  “Outdoor lighting also serves important practical needs such as accessibility and security. Adding light along pathways, next to stairs, and perhaps even cast onto the front door can greatly help visitors traverse the property from their vehicle to the entrance. Setting up lights for a security plan can also be helpful. Most experts agree that carefully designed motion-sensor lights and even a smart home lighting plan increase home security.”

Lighting for home security, as well as beautySetting the most desirable and efficient range and direction of security lighting, as well as the correct fitting of the lighting fixtures, can be best handled by a professional security landscape lighting installer. Landscape lighting has the ability to transform a space and create an emotional response or simply make your environment more safe and comfortable. It offers security and time to enjoy your surroundings, bringing an entirely new look to your landscape after the sun goes down.

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