How to Create a Successful Hardscape

Screen-Shot-2013-07-12-at-4.26.22-AM-300x225[1]Hardscaping refers to stone and paved areas like walkways, steps and patios. It’s just as important as traditional landscaping, but there are a few unique considerations to keep in mind since you’ll be working along edges of lawns, plant beds, and tree lines. When done professionally, hardscaping enhances the look of an outdoor space and adds curb appeal. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful hardscape.

Consider the Layout

It’s important to look at the total space, not just one area, even if you’re going to start small. Having a plan that encompasses everything is ideal and will allow you to work toward this goal. So, if you love to entertain, consider things that you will add over time, such as a patio, barbecue or pond. You don’t want the hardscaping you do today to block your plans in the future.

Pay Attention to Drainage Issues

You wouldn’t believe how many hardscape efforts get messed up because people fail to address drainage issues. Pay attention to how the drainage will be affected by your hardscaping, and if possible, let rain water run off to efficiently water the landscape.

Mix in Greenery

Southwestern homes may look attractive with stonework only, but in other settings, it won’t look right if you have just hardscaping. Instead, allow the landscaping and hardscaping to balance each other. Also be sure to balance the rocks and stones used within your hardscape. There’s nothing more beautiful than a well manicured lawn, shrubs and flowers mixed into the stonework.

Choose the Proper Stonework

Ideally, you want to have two or three materials that complement each other and add color and personality to your home. Texture is also important. The texture should be consistent throughout; although it is okay to have two different textures that balance each other. When choosing StoneWorks products, you can enjoy natural looking stone that is easy to care for and budget friendly.

Buy More than You Need

Since your landscape will change over the years and you may not be able to find the same materials again, make sure you buy extra. These materials will come in handy if you want to do edging or flower beds. You can also repair small sections with the extra materials. Call in the professionals to handle the project from start to finish. Horizon Landscape Company will help you design a hardscape space and bring it to life.