Hurricane Irene Aftermath in Bergen County

Hurricane Irene Carolina
Irene just as she made landfall in the Carolinas

Hurricane Irene has now come and gone in the Northeast, but her aftermath will be with us for months to come.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are dealing with flooding and personal loss. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of those whose lives she took.

We were extremely fortunate here in Wyckoff, NJ, to have experienced no damage, flooding, or power outages at our offices.  As a result, we were able to get out bright and early Monday morning to help with the cleanup of literally hundreds of pounds of debris that had fallen onto our clients’ properties.  Our neighbor towns, however, were not so fortunate. Many of our customers are still without power, and many of their homes have been flooded, with waters in some areas still rising.

Drainage Issues caused by hurricanes

Hurricanes are extremely rare in New Jersey, but Irene proved that we need to prepare our homes and properties from nature.  Even those of us who were not affected by flood waters from rising rivers and tides may have experienced water in the basement from heavy downpours.  Right now is the perfect time to speak with a landscape professional about drainage options, while wet storage boxes and soggy furniture are in the forefront of your thinking.  You will want to do all you can to prevent water damage to your home and property in the future. Our landscape experts have years of experience solving drainage issues and will be happy to suggest the right option for you.

Tree Experts

The majority of our cleanup focus this week is on property restoration, especially the removal of large tree limbs from yard areas.  Here again, you can protect your property from future storms by having your large trees checked yearly.  A good tree service will assess the health of your trees. They would prune any dead or dying tree limbs that can cause major damage during high winds.  A good time to have this done is in the late spring or early summer. In this season, after the leaves are fully out, sick or dead branches can be more easily identified.  Trees should be inspected during the season for potential problem limbs and removed.  The important thing is not to wait. That limb is precisely the one that will catapult through your swimming pool liner or through your neighbor’s custom designed garden window when winds reach 60 miles an hour.  If you need a tree service in Bergen County, contact us and we will be happy to recommend a reliable source.

Whether in stormy weather or on sunny days, our professional staff at Horizon Landscape Company has the experience to help you protect your property and to keep it looking beautiful all season long.