Landscaping Tips for Spring

img_1204054113_575-300x225[1]With the beginning of spring those of us who are fortunate enough to have a garden should do a bit of preparation for the seasons ahead. There are some priceless tips that you should take to heart whether you have a professionally landscaped garden or not.

The last frost that we get is usually around the middle of May, depending where you are of course, but generally this is an important time. Not only should you be pruning your trees and reshaping the undercarriage but you should also be deadheading, weeding, and fertilizing as is necessary.

If you have roses then you will know the importance of pruning at this time in order to get the best buds to pop out. You should also be trimming your crape myrtles and Liriopes after the first frost. Fertilizer is important at this time as well and it can be greatly improved by mulching again to protect the soil from the heat, especially if you live in an area with high summer temperatures.

Caring for your lawn now will make a big difference later in the summer and you should spend a bit of time to apply pre-emergent weed control. It will depend on where you live but post-emergent weed control can also help at this time. If you have Bermuda lawn then you should lower your mower for a turf height of one inch.

If you have Zoysia lawn then a turf height of 1.5 inches is recommended. You should always inspect for insects and any disease that you can see and treat accordingly. If you are certain the last frost has passed then you should begin spring flower installations like your annuals, perennials and herbs.

When daylight saving time starts you should reset your automatic timers on outdoor lighting especially to check bulbs and so forth. Fill and treat open water features after the first of May and also inspect if there is any damage that has been done to the hardscapes by the winter cold.

The last thing that you should consider when all these spring chores are done is to finalize design and installation plans for any landscaping projects that you have in mind. Caring for a garden can be the most rewarding chore of all as you enjoy the benefits and see the wonder of Mother Nature come alive again before your eyes.

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