Planning for a New Landscape in Bergen County

New landscape - planting and retaining wall Spring is in the air!

Before long, you’ll be enjoying longer days outdoors and extra time in the sun. In order to make the most of this warm weather, it’s helpful to have a yard that facilitates outside fun. If you’ve struggled to make your backyard space the social gathering place you intended, it may be time for some updates. It can be hard to start planning for a new landscape, but once you define your goals – how you plan to use your landscape and what you expect your yard to look like in five years – you should have more direction.

Benefits to Planning a New Landscape in the Spring

Even though it’s still chilly and your yard may be covered in snow, early spring is a great time to start making plans for your landscape. First, landscape companies have more openings, so it’s easier to get the appointments you want as well as individualized time and attention. Also, there are more materials available, so you can get first pick for your landscape. As the season wears on, appointments, time and materials decrease in availability.

Another advantage to starting your plans early is that by the time summer rolls around, your yard will be ready to enjoy. While each design is unique, most projects can be completed in a few short months. By starting early, you can also expect faster completion times because landscape companies have more availability.

How to Get Started with Landscape Plans

Landscape Design and BuildTake a good look at your yard now and decide what you like and don’t like about it. What do you want your yard to be – a place for social gatherings? An intimate, spa-like setting? An area with brightly colored flowers and exotic plants? Also think about what you want your yard to look like 5 or 10 years down the road. If the kids are getting older, you’ll want to consider a layout that facilities their teenage years.

You must also evaluate the layout of your yard. Not all spaces are conducive to swimming pools, ponds, outdoor kitchens, enclosed patios and so on. You must think about what will look good in YOUR yard. There are always creative ways to work around things, too. If you want more privacy but have a small yard, the planting of bushes, shrubs or trees can work just as well as an enclosed patio.
Using sites like Houzz or Pinterest are helpful for gathering ideas and building your idea boards. There are also online design tools to help you with inspirations for your outdoor space.