Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Christmas Decorations Spectacular

Outdoor Christmas Lighting It’s almost time for the ribbon and bows to be pulled out of the boxes and the festivities to begin! Take the hassle out of your season with some great ideas to bring the inside out this Christmas season with outdoor Christmas decorations! The children are back in school and in a routine, and you’re making lists for the upcoming holiday season. But where will you buy the lights and who on earth is going to climb the ladder and put them up, let alone take them down?! Not to worry, Horizon Landscape is here to make your outdoor Christmas Light Installation ‘no-fuss, no muss, no hassle’ with our team of professional designers and installers.


Outdoor Christmas decorations can be glamorously subtle with a hint of sparkle here and there.

  • Add LED soft white lights to the tall, elegant evergreens that come up your driveway.
  • Coordinate a theme with beautifully decorated and lit wreaths hung on each door and window across the front of your home or business.
  • Place a green tinted spotlight under the canopy trees to highlight the beautiful branching.
  • Add structural lighting to the fascia and ridgelines to highlight those dramatic architectural elements of the home or business.

Lamp Posts and Mailbox Décor

Make sure your lights are refreshed with the most efficient LED lighting and let the decorating begin. We can add ribbon, bows, and garland to the lamp posts and mailboxes to compliment the arrival of guests and family as well as make the postal carrier smile! Colorful lights and coordinated ribbon will complete the outdoor Christmas light installation and theme around the lamp posts and mailboxes.

Coordinate the Outdoor Christmas Lights with the Color of the Plantings

Why not add green lights to your evergreens and blue lights to the blue spruce? Your customers will slow down and take a second look, and the children will squeal with delightful admiration.

Christmas LightingWrapping leafless branches and trunks with white lighting give a magic appeal and ambiance that no one would mind if you kept it up all year! All one color of light can provide impact and continuity with a display in the daytime of colorful ribbons and wreaths.

Ornament Trees with Whimsy and Colored Lights

To grace either side of the front door or place in planters along the length of the entrance, use our ornament ball trees. They come in colorful multi colors or blue and silver combination. Our ornament ball wreath will be a complementary addition to the trees. They both add a touch of whimsy and bliss with LED lights mixed into sparkle and shine off the ornaments.

These are just a few ideas that will get your list started. Contact our holiday lighting and decorating experts at Horizon Landscape to make your outdoor Christmas light installation spectacular and light up the festive season!