Lawn Renovation in Bergen County: Aerating vs. Power Raking

Is your lawn in Bergen County struggling to be healthy? It may need to be renovated. Lawn renovation involves planting grass seed into an existing lawn to repair the damage done from drought, shade or wear. It’s common to have patches where the grass isn’t growing well; lawn renovation is necessary when more than 20% of the lawn is unhealthy, bare or covered in weeds.

There are two effective ways to renovate your lawn: aeration and power raking.

What is Aeration?

Aeration involves removing the soil cores from the lawn. This allows the lawn to breathe, and the roots to receive moisture and nutrients. It also decreases water runoff and thatch buildup. Furthermore, it allows fertilizer, water and air to get down to the roots encouraging deeper root growth. The plugs then decompose and add more nutrients to the soil. The end result is stronger root systems, more growth and a healthier lawn. Watch Video!

Aerating Bergen County

Aeration in Northern New Jersey can be performed in the spring or fall when the temperatures are cooler and the soil is moist. Most lawn aeration is done with a machine with hollow tines mounted onto a disk. Aeration is an excellent way to promote a healthier lawn, but it should not be done on lawns that are newly sodded or less than 2 years old.

What is Power Raking?

Power raking involves a small machine that rotates metal tines through the lawn to remove dead grass so that the soil can breathe and new grass can grow. The blades turn the surface of the lawn to remove dead material without destroying healthy grass. Power raking is effective, easy and best in the fall. After power raking, re-seeding and fertilizing is done to ensure a healthy lawn come springtime.

Power raking may also refer to de-thatching, and while this process uses the same machine, it digs deeper into the soil to tear up dead material. Since this method is more invasive, it requires extensive fertilizing, raking and seeding afterward.

Need a Professional for lawn renovation?

Talk to a professional landscaping company about which method of renovation is right for your lawn. Power raking is more stressful, but it may be necessary to remove layers of thatch. Aeration is easy and less invasive, therefore perfect for lawns that are not severely stressed.

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