Snow Plowing vs. Snow Pushing for Commercial Parking Lots

Commercial Snow PlowingWith winter just around the corner, you need to start thinking about how your Bergen County business plans to move snow from the parking lot. Knowing which attachment you plan to use is the biggest decision of them all, aside from choosing a professional landscaping company to do the work for you! Let’s compare the pros and cons of traditional snowplows and snow pushers. This will help determine which attachment is the best fit for your commercial parking lot.

The Snowplow

The snowplow is the most versatile attachment, as it offers a variety of unique features. A snowplow consists of a blade that is attached to a vehicle. This is used to push snow straight ahead or to the side, clearing snow from the road or parking lot. The blades are made from a durable, high-quality construction using rustproof stainless steel.

The operator uses hydraulic controls to adjust the blade’s angles from side to side. These same controls can be used to select which side of the plow the operator wants to deposit the snow. While snowplows are the most commonly used attachments, they are far from ordinary. Newer snowplow trucks are including technology to assist with staying safer and working faster.

For a commercial parking lot, snow plows are fast and efficient at clearing snow. They also work well in tight spaces.

The Snow Pusher

Snow Services Wyckoff, NJSnow pushers are similar to snowplows, but they consist of scrapers that are double bladed and fully enclosed, as opposed to a single blade. Instead of pushing snow at angles, a snow pusher traps the snow in its box-like attachment and pushes it off the parking lot. Snow pushers work best in large, open areas since the attachment can pick up all of the snow and move it off the parking lot. In fact, snow pushers can push snow up to five times faster than a traditional snow plow. Therefore, can get a lot done in a short amount of time.

Which is Better for Commercial Parking Lots?

Both snow plows and snow pushers have their advantages. For a parking lot that is wide and open, a snow pusher is the best bet since you can move snow fast and efficiently. If you need to work in tight spaces, however, a traditional snow plow is best.

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