Think Outside the Box for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, although thanks to advertising and retail stores, you’d think it’s been here for months.  I saw my first Christmas decorations in our local Walgreen’s store the week before Halloween.  It really did bother me a bit, rushing the season like that, but when we got hit with a freak … Read more

Everyone’s a Winner at Wyckoff Family Fun Day

In June of 2010, the town of Wyckoff, NJ started a new tradition they call the Wyckoff Family Fun Day.  It is held on the grounds of the Wyckoff Family YMCA, and features booths from vendors in the local area, giving them a chance to interact with the community.  Horizon Landscape Company has had the … Read more

One Man’s Weed…

viola sororia …is another man’s wildflower.   It all depends upon your perspective.  Simply put, a weed is “a plant considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome, especially one growing where it is not wanted, as in a garden.”  That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad plant; it just means that it showed up someplace it shouldn’t … Read more

Horizon Landscape Company

We are Horizon Landscape Company

Welcome to our very first Horizon Landscape blog! This is an exciting time for us as we move forward into the world of online media. We’re thrilled that you are taking the time to read us. Horizon Landscape Company is a full-service landscape construction, lawn maintenance and irrigation company located in Wyckoff, NJ.  We have … Read more