5 FAQs about Landscaping in New Jersey

Because every climate differs, it’s important to understand how your specific environment affects the landscaping needs of your outdoor space before tackling any major projects. Typically, the Northeast area experiences extreme seasonal weather. As a result, any landscaping in New Jersey must to be able to thrive in that kind of climate. There’s a lot … Read more


Chickweed – Salad or Weed

Chickweed.   Why won’t deer do us all a favor and eat this plant?  It sure looks like salad in our lawns and shrub beds every spring. Chickweed is unusual in that it is a winter growing annual weed that loves rich moist soil (remind us of all the rain we have had this winter and … Read more

Horizon Landscape Company

Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce – Member Spotlight

Horizon Landscape in Wyckoff, NJ, was proud to be featured in the Member Spotlight for MRCC Spring 2017 newsletter. Horizon Landscape held their First Annual Orientation meeting on March 31st to kickoff the 2017 season. Attended by new and seasoned employees as well as Sales and Production Managers, the meeting was a perfect ice breaker. All … Read more

Lawn Maintenance

Myths vs. Reality: How to Get Your Lawn in Top Shape this Spring

Have you ever wondered when the right time is in New Jersey to apply fertilizer to your yard or whether it’s ok to cut the grass really short? To help Bergen County Homeowners get their spring and summer lawn care off to a great start Horizon Landscape offers these myth-busting tips in celebration of National … Read more

Proper Pruning for Healthy Trees and Shrubs

Best time to Prune Shrubs in New Jersey Horizon Landscape has enhancement crews in Bergen County, NJ dedicated to the service of shrub pruning, and many of our landscape maintenance foreman have been with us 20 years or more.  They know their stuff.  We do pruning during the months of July and August, the best time … Read more

Spring is here, early! Are you prepared?

Spring has arrived in New Jersey… at least according to the temperatures. In Northern New Jersey, Crocuses are popping, smell of fresh cut grass is in the air, the birds are singing in the morning, and the world is ready to move forward out of its winter sluggishness and come to life.  With 73 degrees in Wyckoff, NJ … Read more