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Shawn Kukol

Shawn Kukol - Operations Manager

Shawn has been a part of Horizon since an early age and has been involved in the business since 2007.  In 2017, Shawn became the manager for our Commercial Snow and Ice Sales & Operations department, successfully transitioning Horizon from the residential snow market. He also spearheaded and implemented the complete execution of our in-house Brine program. With experience in many phases of the landscape industry, he brings his expertise in Snow Sales and Operations, Business Development, and Operations Management. With a strong focus on efficient processes and fostering client relations, Shawn plays a vital role in the company’s success.

As a director with the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association (NJLCA), he actively contributes to the growth and development of the landscaping industry. Shawn’s involvement as a member of Snow and Ice Management Associations (SIMA) and the SIMA peer group, he stays updated on the latest trends and advancements in the snow and ice management field. He is also a certified member of ASCA Accredited Snow Contractors Association, holds a ICPI Certificate and has received a Fisher Snow Equipment Factory Certification.

Shawn enjoys spending his weekends outdoors with family and friends.