Spring is here, early! Are you prepared?

Spring has arrived in New Jersey… at least according to the temperatures. In Northern New Jersey, Crocuses are popping, smell of fresh cut grass is in the air, the birds are singing in the morning, and the world is ready to move forward out of its winter sluggishness and come to life.  With 73 degrees in Wyckoff, NJ … Read more

All About Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Arriving home late at night, there is no more uncomfortable feeling than pulling into a driveway and looking at a dark Bergen County home and yard. You’ve invested time and money making your home and landscape look immaculate –now it can be inviting and beautiful after dark. Soft lighting in a dark outdoor environment is … Read more

5 Benefits of New Landscape Lighting Technology

You’ve probably seen the various lighting options that are available for your yard, but exactly what can you expect from today’s lighting solutions? We’ve cooked up five of the best benefits to new landscape lighting technology that we know you’ll love! 1. Enhanced Control No longer do homeowners have to rely on a simple on/off … Read more

How to Care for My Landscape Lights

If you have landscape lights installed outside your home, you know that they require some type of basic maintenance to keep them in good working order. All landscape lights are an investment; even affordable ones add up. That’s why caring for these lights is important, as they will extend the life of your lights and … Read more

How to Pick Path Lights for Your Property

Path lights are designed to light up paths, walkways, driveways and other perimeters around the home. While they certainly look aesthetically pleasing, their main goal is to guide people around your property safely. Below are some tips for selecting the best path lights for your home. Know the Function of Path Lights What is the … Read more

Best Christmas Present: Landscape Lighting!

The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means: it’s time to start shopping for the best Christmas present! Each year, more people have a harder time choosing the perfect gifts for their loved ones. As we get older, it’s common for us to buy the things we need, but that … Read more