How to Light Up Your New Jersey Landscape

Lighting up your New Jersey landscape involves more than just sticking a few lights into the ground. By choosing the right type and arrangement of landscape lighting, you can create the perfect outdoor space that offers beauty, security, safety and relaxation. Go for the Layers You want your yard to look equally brilliant whether it’s … Read more

Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

LED landscape lighting use light-emitting diodes as their source of illumination instead of traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. There are many benefits to choosing these types of lights, especially for your outdoor space. Lowered Energy Consumption LED landscape lighting can save up to 80 percent in outdoor lighting costs, which could save you hundreds of … Read more

Think Outside the Box for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, although thanks to advertising and retail stores, you’d think it’s been here for months.  I saw my first Christmas decorations in our local Walgreen’s store the week before Halloween.  It really did bother me a bit, rushing the season like that, but when we got hit with a freak … Read more