Benefits of Regular Lawn Mowing

Cut my lawn Now that spring is here, you may be curious as to what your lawn needs to be healthy, strong and vibrant. One of the most basic tasks that your property requires is mowing your lawn. If you haven’t mastered the basics of mowing, don’t be discouraged. It’s never too late to learn about caring for a lawn in the proper manner.

Your lawn should be mowed as regularly as you can do it, which for most people, is about once a week during the main growing seasons: April – June and September – October. The grass will slow during the height of the summer, especially if there is a drought, so you can ease up a bit during this time. In most situations, a mowing height of 2 to 3 inches is ideal; cutting the grass too short can leave you with other problems. If you live in a warm weather climate, you may find that you have to mow a couple of times during the winter to keep a healthy lawn.

The benefits to mowing are often overlooked, but it’s important not to forget why you go through the trouble each week. Of course, aesthetic purposes are the most obvious reason for why mowing is essential, but there’s more than what meets the eye.

Benefits of Regular Lawn Mowing:

  • keeps the grass short, neat and clean.
  • brings about a sense of pride.
  • keeps the lawn healthy.
  • eliminates some pests and prevents invasion.
  • ensures that debris are picked up.
  • promotes healthy growing.

Lawn Maintenance - WyckoffAs we move into the spring and early summer, mowing once a week is ideal. For the best mowing, mow early in the morning after the dew has settled. You can remove the grass clippings when you’re done mowing, but if you mow often enough, you shouldn’t have to. The clippings will be fed back into the lawn to recycle nutrients. Of course, if you haven’t mowed in a while, remove the clippings with a garden rake to prevent clogging and clumping.

One more tip: Mow your lawn in different directions each week. This will improve the condition of the grass, making it healthier and stronger, just the way you want it to be!