Illuminating your backyard for entertaining

Illuminating your backyard for entertainingYou might have a stunning backyard that’s great for entertaining, but if you want to keep the party outside late into the evening, you’ll need to consider some outdoor lighting options. Whether you’re looking to accent your dream backyard or you’re just starting to plan for a backyard renovation, we’ve got some helpful tips to illuminate your backyard for entertaining.

Here are some specifics you might want to consider…

Task lighting: highly functional for late night entertainment

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting in front of a very dark, ill-lit home wondering if your GPS has led you astray, you’re not alone. Without proper lighting, your home is not only hard to locate, but difficult to see after the sun goes down. Late night entertainment calls for a specific kind of illumination: task lighting.

Think of it as lighting for your porch, deck, steps, and path. Just as the name would suggest, task lighting makes your outdoor entertaining space functional and safe for any invited guests.

Low Voltage Path LightsWhen you install low-voltage LED lights along your driveway, pathways, and steps, you automatically make it easier for guests to navigate your yard in the dark. Not to mention, most are installed with the light directed toward the ground as to illuminate the space and not flash the people passing through.

When you start thinking about illuminating your backyard for entertainment, you definitely want to include task lighting—especially around your porch and deck as those are areas people will often be gathered.

Ambient lighting vs task lighting

Ambient lighting is a bit more decorative than task lighting, but still key to illuminating your backyard for entertaining.

Outdoor Fireplace and Low Voltage LightsObviously, you want your outdoor lighting to be functional, but you don’t want to overlook the design and aesthetic. After all, the inclusion of backyard lighting in your hardscape planning is in part meant to improve the overall look and draw attention to the beautiful design of your yard. That’s where ambient lighting comes in.

By creating a soft, subtle glow around major entertainment areas in your backyard, ambient lighting produces a more inviting space and relaxed atmosphere, encouraging community amongst guests.

Many people choose to install string lights, lanterns, tiki torches, dimming ceiling lights, or lamp posts as a way of accomplishing this goal. There are countless other options when it comes to ambient lighting, but it’s important to remember that these beautifully—and strategically—placed lights set the mood for your guests and your entertainment space as a whole.

Outdoor firepits and outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor firepit and fireplace for entertainingYou and I both know that outdoor firepits and fireplaces are big crowd pleasers—especially in the colder months of the Bergen, Essex, and Passaic Counties. They bring light and warmth to a space that might otherwise be abandoned for the indoors.

By installing a firepit in your backyard, you’ll be able to extend your outdoor entertainment for months. Both functional and eye-catching, the firepit is a perfect addition to your outdoor lighting structures.

Whether you’re looking to create a safer, brighter space for entertaining outside, or you simply want to enjoy the artistic layout of your yard after the sun goes down, there are countless lighting options to choose from.

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