Ideas to Enhance your Outdoor Patio Lighting

enhanced outdoor lighting

The outdoor space around your home can be in use year round.  You will enjoy and use your outdoor space areas more when there is outdoor patio lighting.  Any homeowner can see the outdoor spaces in the daytime, but at night, it gets dark and thus not enjoyed. Have you considered some outdoor landscape lighting that looks natural?

Highlighting Themes with Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low Voltage Patio and Bar Lighting

Outdoor patio lighting designers can help form the specific spots that need highlighting and will work in your space. A lighting designer will look at the landscape to interpret what it’s already saying. There is a theme or design that’s already a conception for the homeowner. It is the designer’s job to look at that theme and highlight it. For instance, a homeowner might have a theme of beautiful Japanese maple trees that have a uniquely sculptural form near the patio. The skeletal structure may be open with brilliant twists and turns. A curly willow will also have a unique shape to it. Uplighting can be placed at the foot of the drip line and pointed upward to highlight the skeletal architecture of the tree.

Enjoy Outdoor Patio Lighting Features at Night

Outdoor focused lighting

Some trees can be lite up by the top downward. This type of lighting can simulate moonlight filtering through the branches and give a natural cast of light, romantic feel to the outdoor space. This position captures the light’s shadow as it passes through the leaves and stems. Shadows add drama to the setting. A tree or a focal point in the landscape and outdoor patio lighting brings it into the interior living space to be enjoyed and allows longer enjoyment.

If all you have are floodlights or porch lights, you are missing a mood that can only be captured with outdoor patio and landscape lighting. So much more can be designed to capture special features in the landscape to be enjoyed after dark.

Light Up the Water Features Near the Patio

LED Low Voltage Pool Lighting

A homeowner can enjoy a unique water feature for its cooling effect as well as sound. Although it can’t be seen at night in a flood of darkness, a waterfall and koi fish can be highlighted and lit up to enjoy way past bedtime. An accent specimen, such as an ornamental tree accented with moonlight lighting allow you to enjoy the whole composition. Adding outdoor lighting in the water can add sparkle to the feature and highlight the stones, fish, and vegetation surrounding the water feature.

Another option is lighting pergolas or arbors that have plantings near the patio spaces. Imagine a canopy or vines growing upward.  Place low voltage lighting fixtures on the grade level shooting upward to light the entire object and also shed light on the outdoor patio areas.

Call a Lighting Designer at Horizon

Outdoor patio lighting

Our Horizon Landscape landscape lighting designers will sketch out and take photos of the key features to light up.  We will create lighting specifications that will indicate all the precise exact fixtures, pieces, and parts that will be required to move forward with the project. Our design will show the location of every light and a table that describes every fixture. Our low voltage lighting will reduce the usage down to about 12 volts to reduce the cost of lighting your fixtures. Timers and photoelectric cells will be attached to the transformers for more efficiency. The photoelectric device will turn the lights on at dusk, and the timer will shut them off at the time set. Our designs will light up your patio and landscape and give you an extra bit of time to sit back and enjoy the view. If you would like a lighting consultation, contact Horizon Landscape Company in Bergen County today!