The Latest Garden Trends that will Simplify and Impress

Lawn Maintenance and EnhancementsCurrent garden trends give new ideas for the growing season. Colors, lines, and textures make good first impressions and lead us down a garden path that will ultimately recreate the garden.  Try these backyard ideas and integrate them into your landscape design this year.

Contemporary Lines Give Simplicity and Create a Soothing Space

Simple lines without a lot of details can calm a space down. Less clutter means less to pick up or rearrange. Seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor living can be designed with lots of glass windows to show off the patio and views outdoors. In patio ideas, you’ll see larger pavers that are modular with smoother textures. Modern landscapes offer a quaint, unique and pristine aesthetic that is clearly seen. Using a monoculture theme of grasses in an area that sway with the breeze can lure the viewer into a trance, thereby giving that state of simplicity and soothing space.

Geometric shapes simplify a garden design and can be used to create the defined spaces. Use plants with geometric shapes such as boxwood, cedar, garden grasses, succulents or Japanese maples.

Lawn and garden trendsAlong with contemporary lines, garden trends will be seen in neutral greens that sooth the atmosphere and are found in nature. The monochromatic muted tones in gray and beige will merge into a blend. Adding elements like sand or stone with a few well-placed textural plantings will bring your garden up to modern standards.

Downsizing and Small Footprints

More and more of the mature population are downsizing and turning to lock-and-go living. That means a smaller footprint outside. These spaces can still be inviting and a soothing place to garden and retreat outdoors. Maximizing an alleyway or small courtyard with dwarf varieties of plants and groundcovers can turn your concrete jungle into a restful oasis. Using vertical gardens is a growing garden trend that keeps on giving. Use a wall to extend the garden planted area. Even growing vines can give overhead privacy growing up and around an arbor or pergola in a small amount of space. Think vertical, not just horizontal for all your gardening real estate.

Front Yard Garden Trends Redefined

Front yard Garden TrendsUse your front yard as part of your extended living area. If there is extra room, create a more massive patio entrance where seating is not minimized to the front porch. If you have a beautiful tree, make it the center of attention and enjoy its beauty by sitting under it. The canopy gives protection from the sun and an enjoyable closeup of the textures in nature. Birdhouses and feeders can be anchored nearby to hear all the outdoor melodies fully. Just the simple bird calls can give you that serenity that the outdoors promise. Create a place that’s larger than usual, so entertaining can take place as soon as the guest exits their vehicles.

First impressions matter most and especially in the front. Add complimentary colors of annuals that coincide with the front door. Add and update current containers that coordinate with the color of the home. Use annuals, perennials, and greenery that can be transitioned into the garden after the season is over. Add low voltage lighting inside the containers or positioned to shine on them at night from overhead, will accentuate and extend the viewing enjoyment while helping guests and friends get to the front door with more ease.

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This year, the Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral. This color or overtones of this color are in the annuals offered this year from coleus to impatiens. Add this new garden trend to your landscape palette.

The Best Placement of Plants to Perform

Seasonal Color Garden TrendsLow maintenance is a great qualifier this year for the latest garden trends. Keep it simple and don’t overthink it. Group plants together that have the same basic needs. Keep trimming to a minimum by giving them room to grow in their natural habitat without a lot of fuss. Oversized shrubs that are outgrowing the area are unwelcome and a nuisance. Remove them and start with a stay-in-place shrub that will grow to the proper size and shape – requiring less work to maintain. 

Remove and replace smaller or ornamental trees that give no lasting benefits. Trees that create lots of clutter, staining or debris that needs to be swept up every day is damaging to your landscape and time consuming to take care of.  Many different trees when used properly can add beauty, functionality and give you freedom from the work schedule. Ask our landscape designers what they recommend for your particular area of the garden.

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