5 FAQs about Landscaping in New Jersey

Because every climate differs, it’s important to understand how your specific environment affects the landscaping needs of your outdoor space before tackling any major projects. Typically, the Northeast area experiences extreme seasonal weather. As a result, any landscaping in New Jersey must to be able to thrive in that kind of climate. There’s a lot … Read more

Lawn Maintenance - Wyckoff

Five Steps to a Healthy Lawn

Are you tired of looking at weeds, brown spots, and barren spots in the lawn where weeds are the only thing that thrives profusely? If so, you might need a lawn intervention! Here are a few steps to get you started on your healthy lawn that will get you fewer weeds, and more green turf … Read more

Best Exterior Pest Control Programs for Turf and Family

Lawn pests can do a lot of damage on the outside of your house and create a nuisance for you and your family. They can take a beautiful lawn and make it a wasteland in no time. Proper identification and exterior pest control programs are ways to stop insect infestations. We know what symptoms to … Read more

Winter Burn on Evergreens

Arborvitae and Green Giant Arborvitae that are all white, tan or brown all have winter damage on them. These plants will not recover.  This is the result of the milder temperatures we had earlier in the winter when the temps went from mild to cool to warm to cold. The plants started to break dormancy … Read more


Chickweed – Salad or Weed

Chickweed.   Why won’t deer do us all a favor and eat this plant?  It sure looks like salad in our lawns and shrub beds every spring. Chickweed is unusual in that it is a winter growing annual weed that loves rich moist soil (remind us of all the rain we have had this winter and … Read more

Garden Trends in Bergen County

The Latest Garden Trends that will Simplify and Impress

Current garden trends give new ideas for the growing season. Colors, lines, and textures make good first impressions and lead us down a garden path that will ultimately recreate the garden.  Try these backyard ideas and integrate them into your landscape design this year. Contemporary Lines Give Simplicity and Create a Soothing Space Simple lines without a … Read more