Parts of a Lawn Sprinkler System

Rotary Sprinkler Heads

These heads are designed to irrigate larger open areas of turf. They throw a stream of water from a nozzle assembly at the top portion of the head. They are constructed of durable plastic and stainless steel with a rubber cover. Their rotation is gear driven to provide a slow quiet movement and easy adjustments from 0 to 360 degrees.

Spray Heads

These heads are designed to irrigate smaller areas of lawn and shrub beds. They do not rotate, but have pre-set or adjustable nozzles that distribute the water in a circular or semi-circular pattern. There are also nozzles available that emit the water in a rectangular or strip pattern. They are made from the same type of durable plastic as the rotary heads.

Drip Tubing

Applies water through the use of subsurface and on-surface drip irrigation tubing for those applications where traditional lawn sprinkler systems are not efficient. It is used to irrigate plantings in berms, isolated areas, and separate planter boxes.

Electric Zone Valves

Your water supply is usually not adequate to irrigate your entire property at one time. Zone valves will allow water to go to individual areas of your property, which we refer to as zones. When one zone valve closes, another valve opens so you are only irrigating one zone at a time. The valves work off low voltage wires that lead back to the controller. The controller sends the appropriate signals to open and close the valves accordingly. The valves are located out in the field in fiberglass control boxes under the ground.


The controller is the heart of the lawn sprinkler system. It will be programmed to tell each zone when to go on and how long to stay on for. Each zone can be set for different amounts of time so as not to under or over irrigate their specific areas. The controller will always start on the first zone and will automatically advance itself to the next zone until the entire cycle is complete. Depending on the type of controller, it may be possible to program multiple watering schedules. This allows you to change watering times and amounts to meet changing weather patterns with the touch of a button. The controllers have many other features to make managing your irrigation system easier. Most residential controllers are installed in the garage. Outdoor weather-proof controllers are available for larger properties.

Rain Sensor

We install rain sensors on all of our new lawn sprinkler systems as per NJ State Law. The sensors are mounted so they are exposed to rainfall but not exposed to water from the irrigation system. They are designed to absorb the moisture when it rains and automatically shut the system down when a predetermined amount of rain has fallen. The sensor will not interrupt your system as soon as it begins to rain. Likewise, as the air and ground dries so does the sensor and the system will automatically resume normal operation when drying has completed.

Water Source

The irrigation system will be tied into your water source as close to the water meter or pump as possible to take full advantage of your available water. The salts from a water softener are not harmful to your landscape but to save on their expense your system should be tied into the water source before your unit. Outside faucets are not used as water supplies for your lawn sprinkler system as they are too restrictive and create the need for excessive numbers of zones.

Back Flow Prevention

Your system must be equipped with a device to stop water and contaminants, such as fertilizer and dog urine that can enter your irrigation system through the sprinkler heads, from flowing back into the potable water supply. A Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) or a Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) device, will be installed depending on the requirements of your system.


We use 4 different types of NSF (National Safety Foundation) listed pipe: Copper, PVC, Poly, and Funny pipe. Each has its specific use in your system. When properly winterized these pipes will withstand years of demanding use. Indoor plumbing pipe, drainpipe and electrical conduit are unacceptable choices as they are not constructed to withstand the rigors of high volume, outdoor water usage.

Wire and Connectors

All control wiring is made for underground burial and is true to gauge. We do not use less expensive after market wire, which is not true to size, or thermostat wire, which is not made for outdoor use and will break apart over time. All wire used is UL Listed. Wire splices and connectors are waterproof to prevent corrosion and shorting of the system.

Fittings, Clamps, and Valves Boxes

We use only the highest quality brand name materials in our systems. We do not use after market products or lower quality parts available at the larger discount outlet centers. The fittings we use are not multi-purpose – they are made specifically for use in irrigation systems. You can be confident that your new system combines the finest materials with our years of experience in irrigation products.