Hiring a New Jersey Commercial Snow and Ice Management Service

New Jersey Commercial Snow and Ice Management

While snow is great for skiing and snowboarding, it’s not so great for business—especially in New Jersey. If your company has better things to worry about than icy, snow covered parking lots and sidewalks, you should consider hiring a New Jersey commercial snow and ice management service to prepare for winter’s harsh weather conditions.

Enlisting outside help will not only improve your professional reputation by maintaining a clean and safe business during all seasons, but it will also help you stay within New Jersey’s snow management guidelines and avoid injury lawsuits caused by unsafe property conditions.

The hiring process will require research, but there’s no need to worry—we’ve got you covered!

Here’s what to look for when hiring a New Jersey commercial snow and ice management service

Efficient commercial snow and ice management teams need these three components to be successful:

Excellent Timing & Dependable Service in Snow Management

Snow pile-up isn’t something that you can just put off. In fact, it needs to be addressed immediately. 

When you’re considering the various snow management options in New Jersey, look for quick responding companies that you can count on. 

Proactive measures should be in place to monitor the New Jersey weather regularly to effectively prepare for any incoming storms or extremities. A business owner should not have to worry about a surprise blizzard delaying access to their business.

For any last-minute questions or concerns, look for a company with a Snow Supervisor on-call 24/7 in case you need emergency assistance. When it comes to snow and ice management, time is of the essence. Check out our detailed guidelines here.

Brine trucksCorrect Tools & Training for New Jersey Commercial Snow And Ice Management

While timing is absolutely essential, job performance is equally important. You should be looking for a local snow and ice management company that has years of experience and uses state of the art equipment to get the job done efficiently.

  • Do they have the right equipment for the job?
  • Does the company own enough snowplows, pusher boxes, loaders and de-icing spreaders to effectively serve you and their other clientele in a timely manner?
  • Are their tools up to date?
Preparation for brine application

You might even want to research their de-icing method as some companies use traditional treated salt, while others incorporate a liquid brine to de-ice sidewalks and pavements.

For example, some advantages to using liquid brine include;

  1. Reduces the amount of active salt required to control ice,
  2. Resolves the issue of salt piles and clumps near the curbs and sides of buildings, and
  3. Doesn’t stick to shoes and track in doors like traditional rock salt or calcium chloride.

Statistically speaking, brine is better for the environment and equally—if not more—effective and preventive for the job.

Service planning for commercial snow and ice management

The last component to consider is the company’s planning and organizational process.

  • How prepared are the workers when they get called out?
  • How well do they perform their duties?

The ideal company will have an organized plan both internally and externally. Horizon Landscape servicing Bergen, Essex, Passaic counties, with outreach across New Jersey, uses mobile technology to manage routes and provide detailed records of snow services. All while proactively communicating with business owners to efficiently serve their specific needs.

Unexpected snowstorms might take you by surprise, but they shouldn’t have a negative impact on your business.

New Jersey Commercial Snow and Ice Management Team

Horizon Landscape Company is one of the best New Jersey commercial snow and ice management companies because of our timing and availability. When you sign a contract with Horizon Landscape, you create a plan that accommodates your schedule.

With 40 years of experience, Horizon Landscape Company is well-versed in the commercial snow and ice management business (as well as hardscape planning, low-voltage landscape lighting, and sprinkler controller installation). Feel free to give us a call if you’ve still got questions: (201) 848-0022.

Click here for a detailed guide to help finding a professional commercial snow contractor.