Per Push vs Contract Snow Service: What’s the Difference?

Snow and Ice Management ContractorMost business owners are surprised by how many options are available when hiring a Bergen County Commercial Snow and Ice Management Company especially when it comes to contracts. As you get estimates from the various companies in your area, you may be wondering what it means when they ask whether you want a pay per push contract or fixed seasonal pricing. Horizon Landscape offers two contracts to best meet the needs of our commercial clients.

Per Push Contract for Commercial Snow Service

A per push contract is available for commercial clients who prefer to pay each time they have their snow plowed, ice treated, walks shoveled and so forth. In this type of service you are charged for each visit to your property. Heavy snows or precipitation that continue through the storm can often incur several visits to your property. Services to open your driveway or parking lot so you can get in and out. Then after the storm has ended or several times in the middle of the storm, if snow continues to accumulate.

This option is ideal for those who want to pay for only the work that is done. Commercial accounts with a per push price typically are based on the number of inches of snow that are being pushed. This is due to the additional time it takes to clear the snow as well as travel to the site. Some contractors will also charge for their work by the hour once the snow has reached a certain depth. Again this is due to the extended time the work will take to perform.

Seasonal Contract for Commercial Snow Service

Wheel Loader Commercial Snow ServicesA seasonal contract is your typical contract that comes with a predetermined price for the entire season. This option is beneficial because you know what you’re getting and what you’re paying for. Seasonal contracts are typically 3 or 5 years in length so the cost is averaged out over several years. There will be snowy winters and dry winters.  With a contract this fluctuation balances out.

In order to develop a seasonal contract, experienced commercial snow contractors will go back 10 to 15 years. They study the winter events for your town and location which will include:

  • The number of snow events
  • The total number of plow events
  • The number of ice events
  • The total  inches of snow for each season
  • The average snow totals for your location over a 10 and 15 year period
  • Also calculated into the contract is the total liquid precipitation

Another factor considered is the hours your business is open.  Are you a 9 to 5 location or are you open 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Each business will have different requirements.

It is quite a complicated matter to find the average snow and frozen precipitation that can fall and then develop a cost effective contract that is fair to both the client and the vendor.

Seasonal contracts may contain discounts for an unusually dry winters as well as seasonal caps in the event of a really bad winter.  When completed, your commercial snow and ice management needs will be covered.

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Which Snow Service Contract is Right for You?

Both options have their benefits so it basically boils down to one thing: would you rather have snow services covered for the Snow Service Wyckoff, NJentire season regardless of how snowy the winter is, or would you rather pay as you go?

If you select a seasonal contract, be sure that you know what you are getting. Commercial seasonal contracts can include a cap for extremely bad winters and you will be locked in for several years. If you prefer to pay as you go and get what you pay for, then a per push contract may be your best choice.

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