How to Hire a Professional Snow Service Company

Do you know when the worst time to hire a snow service is? In the middle of a Northeastern snowstorm! Before you find yourself with six inches of snow on your property and nothing but a small plastic shovel, take the time to research commercial snow service companies in your area. Many business owners are concerned about the cost of hiring such a service, but it’s worth every penny. Plowing snow takes a lot of time, the right equipment and even more energy. If you lack any of these, a commercial snow service company can definitely be of help.

Here are some tips for hiring a commercial snow service company that won’t let you down.

Do Your Research

Referrals are always your best source of contacts but the internet is a great method too. The Internet makes it easy to research local companies, so use this to your advantage and see what’s in your community already. Browse websites, look at the services offered and check out the online reviews of each company. You can easily narrow down your choices to a few good ones just by doing this step.

Typically, snow is not something that contractors are going to want to travel all over to perform. It is a limited service and there is a limited amount of time to perform it in.

Finding a local company helps assure that your property will be taken care of efficiently and quickly.

Finding a company with more than one service vehicle helps in the event the contractors vehicle breaks down during the storm.  Snow storms are brutal on equipment and you want to be sure that even in the event of a breakdown -the contractor will get to your property.

Get Several Snow Service Estimates

When you have found a few good companies that fit your needs, get estimates from each of them. Prices vary widely and are based on the amount of work, the size of the area to be cleaned and the layout of the property. Other services that can be added onto your estimate include shoveling and snow blowing in addition to the plowing. Make sure you are getting all of the services you need in each quote.

Ask About Added Costs

Ask the contractor about added costs and price options. For example, some companies charge more for large storms or when the snow reaches a certain amount. Understanding how the company calculates the size of the snowfall will save you a lot of headache later on if a big snowstorm occurs. At Horizon Landscape we use “Certified Snow Totals” supplied by a Weather Service.  This way the snow totals and billing is controlled by an unbiased third party.

Get a Written Commercial Snow Service Contract

No matter how professional a snow service company may seem, do not settle for something over the phone. You should be given a written contract or agreement that outlines the services along with charges. A representative from the company should come out to your property to provide you with an accurate price as each property is different. A valid quote can only be given once someone evaluates your property.

Commercial snow & ice management companies are a major asset. You can save yourself the time, hassle, and aggravation by ensuring that your property is properly salted and plowed. Contact Horizon Landscape for an estimate on snow and ice services for your commercial property.