Humble Christmas

2020 has been a year of humbling. We have been sent home to make sense of our reordered and restricted lives. We are not, as we had so often presumptuously imagined, in charge of our own destiny. And yet, Christmas still comes. While our modern American Christmas has been completely unraveled, the steady reliability of … Read more

Hope for Christmas

As the calendar draws us closer to December 25th, many of us are feeling the Christmas crunch. Shopping, baking, cleaning, cooking, parties, concerts, and travel cram our schedules. Our brains are on Christmas-overload. One thing we can all agree on, Christmastime is b-u-s-y. Buying the perfect gift, gathering with family and friends, and enjoying the … Read more

Meaning of Christmas 2018

The True Meaning of Christmas

“Peace on earth” is a popular saying at Christmastime. We speak it as a warm greeting of holiday cheer and goodwill. We wish our neighbors a Merry Christmas and a peaceful holiday season. In our homes, the desire for peace usually means the easing of chaotic schedules and family conflict. Nationally and globally, we pray … Read more

Best Christmas Present: Landscape Lighting!

The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means: it’s time to start shopping for the best Christmas present! Each year, more people have a harder time choosing the perfect gifts for their loved ones. As we get older, it’s common for us to buy the things we need, but that … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Patio

Best Christmas Present: An Outdoor Kitchen

Are you looking for an amazing Christmas present for that someone special who has everything? Maybe that someone special is your partner or spouse, and you want to make an investment that will keep on giving. For people who love to entertain and spend time outdoors, an outdoor kitchen is a holiday gift that is … Read more

How to Protect Your Bedding Plants Over the Winter

We spend a lot of time caring for our flowers in the spring and summer, so you certainly don’t want them to go to waste just because the weather gets cold. While it does take extra work to care for your flower beds over the winter months, you’ll thank yourself later. You won’t have to … Read more