5 FAQs about Landscaping in New Jersey

Because every climate differs, it’s important to understand how your specific environment affects the landscaping needs of your outdoor space before tackling any major projects. Typically, the Northeast area experiences extreme seasonal weather. As a result, any landscaping in New Jersey must to be able to thrive in that kind of climate. There’s a lot … Read more

Benefits of Commercial Irrigation System

As a business owner, it can be frustrating to spend so much time handling property management issues in the midst of regular business operations. Whether it’s become a mild irritation or a major setback, you should consider hiring professional help to maintain your commercial property’s irrigation and landscaping. From firsthand experience, we’ve seen the benefits … Read more

Smart Irrigation system

Benefits of a Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller for Your Landscape

SMART Watering in the palm of your hand Did you ever wish you could manage your lawn sprinkler system from your office, while you are on the road or even while you are away on vacation? That is now possible through a SMART Wifi sprinkler controller. A Wi-Fi controller is an easy-to-use sprinkler timer that … Read more

Commercial Snow

Frozen Pipes Due to Extreme Temperatures in New Jersey

This winter has had some record-breaking low temperatures across New Jersey. Bergen County homeowners got their first taste of frozen pipes! Frozen pipes are not uncommon When water freezes, it expands, and if it expands enough, the pipe can break. It’s not the expansion of ice against the pipe wall that causes it to burst, … Read more

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Care Tips To Increase Curb Appeal in Bergen County

There are some things in life you can’t skimp by on, and your lawn care is one of them. When it comes to your lawn care service, it’s better to maintain it properly to save money in the long run. Your Bergen County lawn deserves regular care and maintenance in order to keep it looking … Read more

Landscape Irrigation System Technology in Bergen County, NJ

Water, water everywhere, but not unless you drag the garden hose from place to place. Those of you who don’t have an underground sprinkler system experience this every spring and continue to wrestle until the temperature turns cold in New Jersey. In fact, irrigating should not be irritating – you should not have to reposition a … Read more