How to Choose a Bergen County Lawn Care Company

All lawn care companies are not the same. Thanks to the Google, you no longer have to pull a name from a phone book, but it can still be challenging to select the best lawn care company based on a website. How do you know if the company is licensed, bonded and insured? What training … Read more

How to Protect Your Landscape for the Winter

What do you do before you go outdoors when the weather gets cold? Put on a jacket! Unfortunately, plants cannot throw on a jacket, so they need protection from the elements to survive the long winter. Plants are sensitive to heat and cold, just as humans are, and they require oxygen to live. Oxygen becomes … Read more

My Sprinkler System Won’t Shut Off

You’ve done your homework and know that your sprinkler system needs to be turned off for the winter. You don’t water to freeze and cause damage to the piping, and you want to protect and preserve the sprinkler for optimal performance next spring. But, what happens when you go to turn off your sprinkler and … Read more

How to Repair Your Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system can be intimidating when something goes wrong, but don’t let your lack of skills with irrigation systems scare you away. The truth is that you can have a lush, green lawn and take excellent care of your sprinkler system without any special skills. The goal is to identify the problem and take … Read more

Benefits to Maintaining a Healthy, Green Lawn

There’s no doubt that a healthy green lawn is preferred over one that is not. Yet there are many benefits to keeping your yard healthy and well maintained than just the looks that it provides. Healthy lawns are important to our communities, lifestyles and environment. To get your lawn up to this level of quality … Read more

What Can I Plant in the Spring in New Jersey?

Even though the snow has just cleared, there are plenty of things that you can start planting in your garden in late March and early April. The temperatures will be warming up and the last frost will come soon enough, which is generally in the month of May for New Jersey residents. Let’s take a … Read more