How to Choose a Bergen County Lawn Care Company

Lawn Care Company - Horizon Landscape All lawn care companies are not the same. Thanks to the Google, you no longer have to pull a name from a phone book, but it can still be challenging to select the best lawn care company based on a website. How do you know if the company is licensed, bonded and insured? What training do the technicians have? Are there contracts?

Below are some factors to consider as you choose a lawn care company for your Bergen County home.

Define Your Goals

Determine what you want to get out of the lawn care service. Do you want help mowing the yard over the summer, or do you need assistance with planting flowers, fertilizing and trimming bushes? Most lawn care companies offer a wealth of services such as lawn aeration, pest control, mowing, weeding, shrub maintenance and winter services.

Know What the Company’s Philosophy Is

Ask what the company’s philosophy is and the methods they use to achieve it. Good signs include the use of long-acting or natural fertilizers, an evaluation of the soil before recommending a fertilizer program and careful application of pesticides.

Get a Quote

Don’t fall for schemes where you’re guaranteed one price without the company seeing your lawn. While the company may be able to give you a rough estimate, a reputable company won’t guarantee a price until they have seen your lawn. Take advantage of a free estimate so that you can get an accurate price.

Understand Their Contract Policy

Does the company have contracts? If not, can you discontinue service at any time without penalty? What happens if you sign an annual contract and have problems? While there is nothing wrong with having to sign a contract, you want to ensure that your problems will be addressed between applications.

Is There a Guarantee?

Many reputable lawn care companies will have a guarantee in place. Find out what is guaranteed and what the company will do to remedy the situation. Some refund your money while others will come out and re-do the work.

What Services are Included?

There are a number of packages available from lawn care companies, so know exactly what you’re signing up for. Ask how often you can expect the services, what products are used and other important details, such as how technicians handle pets or inclement weather.