Lawn care and maintenance

Lawn Care for Every Season: Calendar for What Your Lawn Needs

Caring for your lawn is a year-round job in Bergen County, NJ. By maintaining your lawn consistently, you’ll be able to spot minor problems before they become big ones and prevent common lawn problems such as weeds, infestations or disease. Follow these tips in our seasonal calendar to make sure your lawn stays green and … Read more

How Do I Open My Sprinkler System?

As long as the threat of frost has passed, you can open your sprinkler system. We generally recommend opening a sprinkler system no earlier than April 15; although you can wait a little longer if the spring is rainy. The good news is that as long as your sprinkler system was installed properly, opening your … Read more

What is the Correct Fertilizer for My Lawn?

Lawn fertilizer is needed when the grass requires extra nutrients that are not available in the soil. By applying fertilizer, you’re enriching the soil so that the grass can develop strong roots and a healthy color. Fortunately, lawn fertilization is simple to do. Most homeowners can handle this maintenance step on their own, or they … Read more

How to Choose a Professional Lawn Maintenance Company

If you need help caring for your lawn, a professional lawn maintenance company can help you reach your goals. Since you will be paying for the service each month, you want to make sure that you choose the best company for your needs. Reviewing local companies online, asking the right questions and being honest about … Read more