Lawn Care for Every Season: Calendar for What Your Lawn Needs

Caring for your lawn is a year-round job in Bergen County, NJ. By maintaining your lawn consistently, you’ll be able to spot minor problems before they become big ones and prevent common lawn problems such as weeds, infestations or disease. Follow these tips in our seasonal calendar to make sure your lawn stays green and thriving.

Early Spring: February – April

Clean up winter debris in your yard, but be careful not to damage the turf. The wetness from the melting snow makes the turf vulnerable. Do NOT apply fertilizer, as the ground is still cold, wet and perhaps partially frozen. Fertilizing will be a waste of money, and can run off into lakes and rivers. What you can do is introduce Kentucky bluegrass while the soil temps are below 50 degrees. Also seed bare spots to prevent weed growth.

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Late Spring Lawn Care: May – June

Core Aeration - Lawn CareDelay fertilizer applications until after Memorial Day. Your lawn will be hungry by this point because it has expended energy by growing. The thing is that weeds are busy growing, too, so you’ll want to use a combination of fertilizer and broadleaf weed control. Your lawn may benefit from aeration and dethatching; talk to a lawn professional to see if your yard is in need. It’s also time to start using the mower again, so brush up on mowing tips to make the most of your effort.

Summer Lawn Care: June – August

Even though summer looks good on grass, it’s very hard on it. Heat, drought, foot traffic and insects are just a few of the things that wear on a lawn. Lawn care and maintenanceFeeding it is helpful because it strengthens the grass and protects it from these elements. If you notice that insects are in the grass, use a feeding product that contains insect control. When mowing, mow high to create strong root systems, and leave the clippings (which is fine as long as you mow frequently). Do NOT reseed during this time; wait until the weather is cooler.

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Fall Lawn Care: September – November

Fall brings your lawn back to better conditions thanks to the cool nights, extra rainfall and morning dew. Your lawn needs some help, though, since it’s tired from the summer. The fall is a very important time to feed your lawn, so apply the feeding right before winter. The feeding will strengthen the roots and increase nitrogen, getting your lawn off to a great start for next spring.

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Winter Lawn Care: December – January

Don’t ignore your lawn in the winter! Avoid shoveling mounds of snow onto your lawn, and use salt sparingly since it can damage the grass. Also avoid walking on the grass until the frost burns off, since frosted plants can be easily killed with foot traffic.

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