Humble Christmas

2020 has been a year of humbling. We have been sent home to make sense of our reordered and restricted lives. We are not, as we had so often presumptuously imagined, in charge of our own destiny. And yet, Christmas still comes. While our modern American Christmas has been completely unraveled, the steady reliability of … Read more

Benefits of Commercial Irrigation System

As a business owner, it can be frustrating to spend so much time handling property management issues in the midst of regular business operations. Whether it’s become a mild irritation or a major setback, you should consider hiring professional help to maintain your commercial property’s irrigation and landscaping. From firsthand experience, we’ve seen the benefits … Read more

2020 Thanksgiving

Simple Thanksgiving

In a year of unpredictability, Thanksgiving may seem like an odd holiday to celebrate. Endless cancelations, disappointments, and heartbreak in 2020 have been frustrating, discouraging, and sometimes, life-changing. It is hard to give thanks in hard things. What, exactly, are we supposed to be thankful for this year?   A different Thanksgiving As we lament … Read more

Horizon President Michael Kukol

Our Company’s Experiences with COVID-19

It is time for New Jersey and the country to open!  We need to go back to living our lives. We at Horizon Landscape closed for the two weeks when our governor required the state to shut down. I myself contracted the virus, testing positive the week prior to the shutdown. But since that two-week … Read more

A Prayer for COVID-19

Heavenly Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth We thank you that you know all things. We thank you that nothing surprises you. We thank you that everything that happens, even global pandemics, passes through your fatherly hands. We thank you that you alone provide for all our needs. Shelter us in the shadow of your … Read more

Hope for Christmas

As the calendar draws us closer to December 25th, many of us are feeling the Christmas crunch. Shopping, baking, cleaning, cooking, parties, concerts, and travel cram our schedules. Our brains are on Christmas-overload. One thing we can all agree on, Christmastime is b-u-s-y. Buying the perfect gift, gathering with family and friends, and enjoying the … Read more