Our Company’s Experiences with COVID-19

Horizon President Michael Kukol - Experience with COVID-19It is time for New Jersey and the country to open!  We need to go back to living our lives.

We at Horizon Landscape closed for the two weeks when our governor required the state to shut down.

I myself contracted the virus, testing positive the week prior to the shutdown.

But since that two-week mandatory shutdown, our company has been back to work full force.

We started by minimizing contact between field staff, mechanics, supervisors, sales, and administrators.

We began fluctuating in-office days for the administrators as well as working remotely from home.

Our field staff had different start and finish times to minimize interaction.

No one was permitted to interact with another group in person.

Sales people operated from the road or home.

Field staff were not permitted in the shop or office.

Supervisors and mechanics were allowed in the shop area only

Admins worked from home or on alternating days in the office.

Safety precautions were implemented including the issuing of face masks, soap and sanitizers to all staff.

Vehicles and equipment were sprayed with sanitizers at the end of each day.

We started using technology to communicate between the office and field. Tablets and smart phones were utilized for all work orders and record keeping.

ZOOM meetings changed the way we communicate between sales, production and administration.

The technology changes we often thought of making were forced upon us; sometimes we need to be pushed to make changes.

Most of these changes have been good for us and will continue on even after this pandemic is over.

Working through this pandemic over the past few months has strengthened our staff.  We have faced our fear of the unknown and have grown accustomed to working through that fear. I no longer see apprehension in the eyes of the staff as they go to work each day like I saw in the first few weeks.

Granted, no one shakes hands, and we do maintain some physical distancing – yet we still socialize.  Sanitizing products continue to be available to every employee; we need a healthy respect for this virus and its potential impact.  But we don’t need to cower in fear.

God Bless AmericaI encourage you to live your lives.

We need to continue to move forward.

We cannot be conquered by the fear of the unknown.

This is what makes America great!

We face the unknown.

We adapt and improvise.

We move forward.

We do not cower in fear and submission.

We create solutions and move forward as independent and self-motivated thinkers.

With that I say to all Americans:

Go forth and live your life!

Go forth and be a blessing to someone today!