Abundant Thanks

Abundant Thanks

As the final leaves of autumn fall, we prepare to gather around tables laden with all the trappings of the feast: moist turkey, warm gravy, creamy mashed potatoes, and tart cranberry sauce. We settle into familiar family festivities – recalling the blessings of the past year, fellowshipping around the table, and playing board games in … Read more

2020 Thanksgiving

Simple Thanksgiving

In a year of unpredictability, Thanksgiving may seem like an odd holiday to celebrate. Endless cancelations, disappointments, and heartbreak in 2020 have been frustrating, discouraging, and sometimes, life-changing. It is hard to give thanks in hard things. What, exactly, are we supposed to be thankful for this year?   A different Thanksgiving As we lament … Read more

Thanksgiving is a time to Reflect, Readjust, and be Grateful

Thanksgiving is a time when we pause to reflect on the past year. We count our blessings, remember the struggles, and thank God for the bounty that the fall harvest represents. Autumn’s cool, crisp air and early evenings draw us indoors where cozy slippers, sweaters, fireplaces, and steaming mugs not only warm our bodies but … Read more

Giving Thanks - Thanksgiving

Giving Thanks

Autumn is the fulfillment of the seasons. It brings warm sweaters, falling leaves, and completed harvest. After the fruits of summer fade, autumn bursts with ample greens and bountiful gourds. This natural nourishment sustains our bodies as we are utterly dependent on the land. Yet we are so far removed from our food source that … Read more

The Meaning of Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving  The story of the first Thanksgiving begins on the other side other side of the Atlantic Ocean. There the Church of England was persecuting anyone who did not buckle under to their absolute civil and spiritual authority. The Pilgrims, a band of only 40 brave souls, chose to fare the uncertainty of … Read more

Giving Thanks for Small Businesses

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, a treasured and truly revered American holiday.  It is a time when we gather to give thanks for all the good things the year has brought.  It is that magical time of year when some of the most outrageously wonderful foods find their way to our tables, thanks to hardworking hands and … Read more