Six Steps to Turning off the Water to Your Automatic Sprinkler System

You wake up in the morning or come home during the day and find your automatic sprinkler system is running when it is not supposed to. You double check and then turn the controller to off but the results do not change.  In frustration you even unplug the controller but the sprinklers will not stop running.  No you have not done anything wrong.  Typically you have a mechanical failure in the field and a sprinkler zone valve is stuck open.  The only way to stop the flow of water is to turn off the main valve to your sprinkler system.  This is a quick easy cure and not to worry, it is a relatively simple repair.

Steps to Finding and Shutting Off the Automatic Sprinkler System

Water Meter
Water Meter
  1. Go to the water meter located in your basement or utility room if you have no basement.
  2. Follow the pipe leaving the meter and branching off to the other areas of your house.
  3. Locate the shutoff valve leading outside to your sprinkler system and marked with a tag indicating it is the sprinkler shut off valve. Typically a client we service would have a blue tag marking this and saying “Sprinkler Shut Off Valve – Do Not Touch” and “Horizon Sprinklers”.
    Sprinkler Valve
    Sprinkler Valve – OFF

    Sprinkler Valve
    Sprinkler Valve – ON
  4. Here is the valve you need to turn off to stop the flow of water to your system. The sprinklers are on when the handle is        horizontal or parallel to the pipes. Turn the lever perpendicular to the pipe to shut the water-flow off.
  5. This method will shut off the water to the system but not to the rest of your facility or home.
  6. Call for service to have your malfunctioning zone valve repaired or replaced.

Why is my gardening water system not working?

Reason #1: Bugs get in the strangest places!

A controller to the gardening water system sets the consecutive order of each zone. It is programmed on how long it runs. The controller may have gotten ants in the box and now has malfunctioned. Setting up a service to provide the inspection of these intricate systems will give longer life and work efficiently. Call us to get on the annual schedule to avoid needed repairs later.

Reason #2: Does your automatic sprinkler system run even when copious amounts of rain have fallen?

If so, your rain sensor may not be registering the rainfall correctly and translating it to the controller. We can quickly evaluate if each part of the system is working. We will find the break in the system and initiate a sprinkler system repair.

Sprinkler Winterization Reason #3: Did you winterize your system before freezing temperature began?

Each winter we clear the lines and protect the backflow device to prevent failure and freezing damage. If you waited too late last fall, or you did it yourself and forgot to go through the entire process, there could be a broken pipe or leak to cause malfunction. Below freezing temperatures can also loosen fittings or clamps which could create small leaks. We can quickly diagnose the issue and have the tools needed to facilitate the job.

Reason #4: Did you lose power or did lightning strike a tree nearby?

Lightning strikes to a tree can hit the ground and follow wires to your electrical unit or controller. You will see evidence of this on a tree or perhaps a mark on your house. Marks may show up near the controller where the electricity followed the wires.

All these reasons can harm the mechanisms. Keeping a close eye on your gardening water system is our business. We recommend having an NJ licensed irrigation professional make any necessary modifications to ensure proper functioning and coverage.  Our dedicated professionals ensure that your gardening water system provides ideal coverage to keep your property looking great.

Notice: After July 4th, we increase irrigation watering schedule to accommodate weather patterns, evaporation levels, soil type and the needs of your lawn.

Automatic Sprinkler SystemToday’s technology makes watering your lawn and gardens easier and more efficient. Replacing your current controller with a Wi-Fi controller gives you more control over the amount of water you use each time the sprinkler system waters your lawn and gardens. At Horizon Landscape, we hold multiple certifications for irrigation design, installation and service. If you live in Bergen County, NJ and you want to upgrade to a Smart Wi-Fi controller, or add drip irrigation to your sprinkler system, call us today at 201-848-0022 or fill out our contact form.

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