Lawn Pest Control Programs To Protect Your Yard

You might need a lawn pest control service you if you are continually hearing that bzzzzzzz in your ear! Those pesky mosquitos are out for lunch, and you’re on the menu! NOT! We’ve had a long, wet season and the mosquitos are hungry along with all the flying cousins. Gnats, ticks, deer, and geese are also on the warpath. Are your kids and grandkids running back inside to camp out on their smartphones and tablets? Not so fast. They can still stay outside and soak up the Vitamin D from the sun’s rays. Here are four programs meant to keep your Bergen County lawn and garden pest free!

Four Lawn Pest Control Programs to Stop the Buzz!

Exterior Pests Begone

Lawn pest control program for your property Ants in your pants? Probably not but they might be in your outdoor kitchen area. Trailing one by one on a march to raid your evening meal! Let’s get rid of them now before they ruin the picnic outside! Pests tend to find ways to enter the home via exterior entry points. We help stop them before they enter with our four treatment season-long plan. Rid your home of these unwanted pests and have peace of mind. It all starts with our lawn pest control services.

Mosquitoes, Gnats, and Ticks, Oh My!

Avoid the welts and keep the tan line unblemished. No more itching and scratching this season! With the catastrophic outbreak of the Zika Virus upon us, precautionary measures for pregnant women are essential. Read more about it here. Never before have we needed to take the necessary steps to protect ourselves when we walk out the door. While getting rid of these dangerous pests, these treatments will not harm beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies or earthworms. This is a pesticide-free product; an all natural organic treatment. Season-long protection will give the assurance of knowing your lawn and garden is usable without fearing the worst. Our full 5-treatment lawn pest control program can be added to any of our lawn and garden maintenance contracts. Don’t wait until they’re in full force. Get ahead of the infiltration now by giving our office a call.

Deer Picnics

Deer Control for your propertySo Bambi has turned on you? Is she eating your beloved daylilies and munching on your favorite hostas? We have a deer and small animal repellent that is organic, non-toxic and biodegradable.  With the purchase of a full 6-treatment program, the sixth treatment is free! This pest control program gives you season-long protection and keeps Bambi in your neighbor’s yard unless of course, they have the same treatment! Share the love and give them a heads up. The least infiltration of deer in the neighborhood the better since they leave behind ticks too. Want to add this program to your contract, then click here.

Geese are Pests Too

If you’re experiencing grass destruction and widespread feces, you may have a goose problem. Flap your wings and honk! That’s right. They eat approximately four pounds of green vegetation a day, which means it’s landing in your area after digestion is complete if you know what I mean. No tip-toeing through the tulips if a goose is around. Get out your wading boots or call us for a lawn pest control program that is EPA-approved. We have a solution that will keep them deterred and out of the immediate area and provide ongoing protection for your lawn and garden area. Our program includes two applications for optimal protection. What are you waiting on? Take off those boots and give us a call today!