Celebrate Independence in your Own Backyard

The annual celebration of our nation’s independence is a wonderful opportunity to gather with friends and family in our outdoor spaces. Whether we’re planning a large picnic or simply enjoying the beautiful summer weather, July beckons us outdoors.

Outdoor Patio and Planting

Understanding Your Vision 

A patio right outside your home’s main living area eases the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. With this easy access, your family and friends can enjoy more time outside. Using your outdoor space for outdoor living means that you can cook, eat, work, exercise, relax, and entertain all in the beauty and comfort of your outdoor rooms. When you think of the outside of your home as an extension of your home, it helps you realize your property’s full potential.

Custom Circular Patio with Outdoor Kitchen and Bar SpaceA well-designed and installed patio can become a spacious outdoor living room, kitchen, and dining area all in one. The options and configurations are endless. Whether you want to extend your existing patio or install the patio of your dreams, the design team at Horizon can help you achieve your goals.

Outdoor Fireplace and Landscape LightingFeatures and Functions for your Backyard

Integrating the various features and functions that an outdoor living space can offer may seem overwhelming. This is where Horizon’s design team comes in. Our specialists will meet with you to get a full understanding of your vision. All your desired elements will then be crafted into one cohesive space. In addition to the main features of the patio, outdoor kitchen, dining, and living areas, we will also make recommendations for lighting and planting installations. These functional and beautiful additions will complement and complete the entire space. Every detail is carefully planned to enjoy summertime outside to the fullest with your family and friends.

Custom Backyard Fire PitHorizon’s team of design and installation experts will work with you from concept to completion. When the work is done, our landscape specialists can maintain your property all season long. That way, you can enjoy all the benefits of outdoor living without the hassle. Our maintenance program includes lawn and garden care as well as pest control to keep your family and guests safe. Let Horizon do the work for you.

This 4th of July, celebrate our nation’s independence with a special gathering right in your own backyard oasis. Contact Horizon today!


Reflection: As we reflect on what it means to be a free nation, we remember those who sacrificed so much so that we could enjoy the everyday blessings of family, friends, and home. We honor their memory while also recognizing that national freedom is limited and flawed. True freedom, deep-down soul freedom, cannot be given by even the greatest of nations.

True freedom cannot be given by government, and thus cannot be taken away by government. The soul-freeing freedom that we all truly need can only be found in the soul-saving work of Jesus Christ. He declared our independence from sin and death and hell when he sacrificed Himself on the cross. He defeated our truest enemy so that we can live truly free. When we trust in Him as Savior, we have the best kind of freedom. Then we can truly say, “Happy Independence Day!”

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.”

Galatians 5:1