Four Creative Landscape Ideas for your Outdoor Lifestyle

Renovation experts are moving outside which means you’ll be needing some creative landscape ideas to go beyond those four walls. These backyard and front yard ideas (we aim to use all the available space creatively) will get you heading in the right direction. Our 2019 Trends review will keep you right on track for reinventing a contemporary and functional outdoor living area that the whole family can enjoy plus the pets. Creating outdoor living areas or “rooms” can segregate the areas so more activities can be utilized for everyone. Kids, pets, and adults can each have a place to unwind and relax or play hard and have fun.

Creative Landscapes

Create Private, Secluded Places

 Creative Backyard PatioFor instance, create a lounging area in privacy to enjoy on an afternoon after work or before the kids get home from school. A private secluded, yet simple, landscape can be designed next to the master bedroom area where you can slip away and sit quietly in a comfy lounge chair. Close your eyes and imagine lush plantings. Breathe in deep and smell the scented lilacs wafting through the air. A privacy screen of hydrangeas will bloom most of the summer to give you color and privacy can be a double bonus. Add an arbor or pergola for an overhead enclosure to your backyard ideas layout.

Sustainable Green LivingCelebrate Sustainable Green Living

Create a potager garden (pronounced po-toe-jay), that include herbs, salad greens, strawberries, peppers, flowers, and fruit trees. Hang planters with herbs and flowers that can be tossed into salads to make more colorful. Nasturtiums, lavender, borage, and pansies are a colorful and will add pizzazz to any plate.  Just be sure they haven’t been sprayed with chemicals if you plant yourself. Grow them from seed to control the consumption of chemicals. Adding blueberries and fruit trees gives you a good harvest for canning or sharing in the neighborhood.

Creating a Certified Wildlife Habitat both benefits the earth, nature as well as you by creating a haven for pollinators. The entertainment it gives by seeing new birds and butterflies makes being outside much more enjoyable. Seeing new wildlife in the yard brings in the sense of purpose of creating a place where all God’s creatures can dwell.

Entertaining with Food

Outdoor Kitchen and BBQFoodies will love cooking outside and grabbing herbs from the potager garden to flavor the pizza and BBQ! A continuing growing trend for outdoor lifestyles and landscape ideas is cooking outdoors. Whether you have a pizza oven or grill it, you can dress your pizzas on a Saturday afternoon with all the various ingredients laid out on an outside bar area. The kids can cozy up to the outdoor seating area, come and go, and the playing will continue. Families are enjoying cooking outside more because it doesn’t seem like a chore but an adventure. Cooking, grilling, and baking just got fun again. Smells won’t linger in the kitchen, you get a gentle, fresh breeze to enjoy along with a little Vitamin D to soak up.

Creative Landscape IdeasCreative Landscape Ideas 

Whether you’re playing red-rover with the kids in the backyard or giving your pet a break outside, kids and dogs need a place to play! Include a custom playground equipment and areas to play ball, badminton, crocket, or frisbee. If your dog plays, fetch, even he can get some exercise. A separate doggie area for private business can be established with an area of gravel to help keep it clean and tidy and easy to wash off.  This area can be out of the way and private, so it’s not tracked in and doesn’t create an odor for the overall space. The privacy hedge in this area can be planted with aromatic shrubs that won’t hinder their business.


If you are getting excited about Spring, now is the time to discuss your creative landscape plans for an outdoor lifestyle. Create a mesmerizing backyard haven that will get your kids off their cell phones and enjoying the breeze outside! Contact Horizon Landscape Company in Bergen County, NJ to speak to one of our experts today.