Flowering Bulbs for Fall Planting

Horizon Seasonal ColorIf you’re a planner and enjoy unwrapping gifts on holidays and birthdays, we have some surprises for next Spring. We’re talking about bulbs for fall planting and spring blooms. Take a walk around your garden after you’re done reading this article. Make a list of ‘what could be’ in the garden for your exclusive assortment of bulbs for spring blooming.

Most are familiar with the collections of daffodils and tulips as a foundation to your bulb collection but why not expand the summation of Spring with a few more assortments to take you into summer? The best of displays incorporate bulbs from early-blooming Crocus to later-blooming Alliums to be the most creative. Enjoy these suggested assortments and let your imagination run wild ahead of Spring. After the winter snows have melted, you’ll have those new surprise packages bursting forth next Spring coming out of the garden beds whispering, “Surprise!”

A Colorful Carpet Mix

Grape Hyacinths - bulbsAdd shades of purple, white and yellows to the lawn with these early Crocuses. We arrange them in clusters for a native approach in the landscape. They will naturalize throughout the garden as long as there are good drainage and full sun.

If you are planting orange or yellow tulips or daffodils, try teaming them with the violet-blue blossoms of Muscari, blue and white Anemones paired with daffodils make a stark contrast in the garden shedding light on both. The carpets of color contrast will make a splendid backdrop to the taller in height bulbs planted in the garden beds.  Don’t forget Snow Drops for early delicate splashes of white!

Add Bulbs for Fall Planting Pollinators Love

TulipsGive the pollinators an early-season treat by adding the first bloomers to your garden. In so doing the bees, butterflies and beneficial insects will gravitate quicker to the garden with all the succession of bloom time. The nectar-rich blooms can include varieties of Allium in shades of purple, Narcissus and a contrasting brilliant blue of Scilla siberica. Pair these into the assembly in your beds planted with Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’, Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ and Salvia x sylvestris ‘May Night’ and Echinacea for an all-out banquet for the pollinators all season long.

Distinctive Shapes in the Bulb Garden

Globes are hung on trees during the holidays and create such a festive look. Add them to the garden as well in the form of Alliums. The Latin word for Allium is ‘garlic’ so rodents and deer are generally not attracted to them. Adding a mixture of small globes with larger ones can make a real impact for enjoyment. They are on the pollinators top must-stop-by-list. Mix them with oriental poppies for that orange-red bloom in contrast, and you’ll have a show stopper display. Adding Bearded Iris in different colors tucked between these sculptural bloom balls are also a spectacular contrast.

Fragrant Bulbs for Fall Planting

We all enjoy hyacinths but lilies add color and an aroma that will draw any nose closer. Beautiful Asiatic Lily can take your breath away and come in an abundant assortment of colors and heights to mesmerize. They will naturalize providing your garden is planted with a rich organic mix. Toss them in and around your shrubs and perennials for a continued bloom display in the Spring.  But keep most lilies in areas that deer cannot get to.  They are a favorite food of those hoofed munchers!

Hardy Mums for Fall Color

Fall Mums and CabbageIf you don’t plan like a Martha Stewart wannabe, we also have something for you now to perk up the late-season blahs. Since summer is so hot and by now, things are looking dried and crispy, you can still get fresh color with a variety of colorful mums for the garden beds. Our hardy mums are perennials so if you want to leave them in the ground, you can enjoy them year after year. Add fall annuals with them such as pansies and have a repeat encore in the Spring after the snow has melted. You’ll get a double dose out of the annuals if planted along with your mums and assorted bulbs for fall planting and Spring blooming.

So get these checked off your garden chore ‘to-do’ list now. We have packages and assortments to color your garden beds. Our collection of bulbs for fall planting and mums are being booked and planted now. Get on our list and anticipate the joy next Spring! Call us today or contact us via our website.