Making Gardening a Family Friendly Spring Activity

Gardening is a great activity for the whole family, and it already comes with built-in fun thanks to all the digging and raking in the dirt. Gardening is great for kids of all ages. It gets them outdoors in the fresh air and having fun while learning about plants, flowers and trees.

Below are some creative ways to enjoy gardening time with the whole family.

Pick out the Seeds

What could be more fun than choosing what types of plants and flowers you want in your garden? To help, devise a rough sketch of how you want your garden to look in terms of size and layout. Then let the kids choose their own seeds. For instance, each child gets to pick out one flower, one vegetable and one plant.

Plant the Seeds

Planting the seeds is probably the most fun of all since everyone gets to dig in the dirt! Give different jobs to each person in the family. Since seeds can be small, let the kids help by digging the hole and then placing dirt over the seeds.

Label the Seeds

It can be easy to forget exactly what you planted if you don’t label each one. Place colored sticks by the seeds and label them with what plant they are. This way, everyone can keep an eye on the progress without having to second guess what’s planted there.

Keep a Journal

Since it takes time for the plants to grow, you’ll want to find ways to keep your kids invested in the project. Let them start a journal in the meantime with pictures of what the plants will look like and the progress they’ve made.

Buy Kid-Friendly Garden Tools

Garden tools can be heavy and have sharp edges, so it’s a good idea to invest in child-friendly garden tools. Your kids will love having tools of their own to help in the garden, and you don’t have to worry about sharing yours!

Manage the Garden Together

Show your kids that having a garden is an ongoing effort. You don’t just plant the garden and leave it; you must water it, pick up dead leaves, watch for new flowers and more. Planting and tending to a garden teaches many valuable lessons and forms a solid foundation for caring for the environment.

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