Complete Outdoor Living Area with Fireplace

June is a perfect time to plan for your Outdoor Space

June is the truest spring month in North Jersey. While the frequent rains and cooler temperatures of April often linger into May, June is perfect spring — comfortable temperatures, clear skies, and lengthening days. Long, soaking rains make way for quick, bursting showers as late spring turns to summer. The sun moves towards its seasonal … Read more

Creative Outdoor Living

Four Creative Landscape Ideas for your Outdoor Lifestyle

Renovation experts are moving outside which means you’ll be needing some creative landscape ideas to go beyond those four walls. These backyard and front yard ideas (we aim to use all the available space creatively) will get you heading in the right direction. Our 2019 Trends review will keep you right on track for reinventing … Read more

Pergola or Gazebo – Best Fit for Your New Jersey Outdoor Living Space

Would you notice the difference between a pergola and a gazebo? Don’t worry, most of us wouldn’t! The main difference between the two is that pergolas are generally attached to a structure while gazebos are free-standing structures. There are distinct advantages to each one, so understanding exactly what these outdoor structures are is helpful when … Read more

Bird Friendly Plantings in New Jersey

If you are interested in creating a bird-friendly environment in your backyard, all you need to do is choose plants, flowers and trees that provide food, shelter and comfort. Your outdoor space will become a haven for birds, and you get to enjoy the beauty of these winged creatures year round. Let’s take a look … Read more

Pavers vs. Bluestone

Pavers are hard blocks that are used to create smooth, hard surfaces outdoors such as patios, walkways and driveways. There are a variety of pavers available for people to choose from in terms of size, color and material. For example, common paver materials include concrete, glass, clay, brick, stone or plastic. This allows people to … Read more

How to Light Up Your New Jersey Landscape

Lighting up your New Jersey landscape involves more than just sticking a few lights into the ground. By choosing the right type and arrangement of landscape lighting, you can create the perfect outdoor space that offers beauty, security, safety and relaxation. Go for the Layers You want your yard to look equally brilliant whether it’s … Read more